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Samsung 4K TVs are $100 cheaper right now at Dell

This could be a long winter — in fact, we know it will be — but facing all that time indoors provides the perfect excuse to invest in a new 4K TV. There are some amazing offers in these 4K TV deals. Or you could head over to Dell and check out this 65-inch Samsung Q60T Series QLED 4K Smart TV, which is $100 off right now. It’s down to $898 from its regular price of $998, which is a decent discount on one of the most advanced TVs we’ve seen on sale.

If you’re looking for a TV with a little more oomph, something that announces itself when you walk in the room, without taking over the conversation, 65 inches might be the size for you. A stellar example is the Samsung Q60T QLED 4K TV, a 65-inch visual stunner that brings unimaginably bright and accurate pictures and colors into your home.

This 4K TV has a Quantum Dot LED-backlit LCD panel, which translates to some of the brightest, best, contrast-ready viewing picture money can buy. And compared to your old 1080p HD TV, QLED allows quadruple the resolution, which on a 60-inch, really looks phenomenal. Also, you get seamless viewing of digitally enhanced, fast-moving images (a gamer’s or sports fan’s heaven), especially with Motion Rate 120 technology.

As for the tech, QLED is a huge upgrade from old LED systems. The “Q” adds what’s called a “quantum dot” to the LED. Ranging between 2 and 10 nanometers in diameter, each of these space-age sounding dots produce different colors, according to their size. This allows them to create incredibly precise colors, and more saturated images than anything on the spectrum of a normal old LED. In simplest terms: your TV has way more and exact colors to work with, so you get a brighter, better picture.

This is especially good news if you’re a gamer; QLED allows games with the most stunning backgrounds to be exposed more clearly, helping really immerse you in another world. Also, for concerned parents, there’s a V-chip built-in, so you can monitor content. Connectivity is not an issue, as the Samsung Q60T features three HDMI inputs (so you can hook up your consoles, your laptop. etc.), a virtual assistant, and voice control that supports Google Assistant and Alexa (it speaks whatever language your devices do). And this smart tv is powered by a super-fast chip, so you can browse and navigate its software breezily. Finally, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity is built-in, so that you can screen mirror with your laptop or tablet, or jump on to your favorite apps (like Netflix or Disney+) without any extra fuss.

It’s a perfect time to invest in a new 4K TV or to join the next generation with a QLED TV. See what’s out there with these 4K TV deals. Or skip right on over to Dell, where you can score $100 off a Samsung Q60T Series QLED 4K Smart TV. It’s down to $898, that’s more than a 10 percent discount from its regular price of $998. Why not jump at the chance to score one of the best 4K TVs on the market, on sale?

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