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Amazon hears you and is letting you have the Sennheiser HD1 for $117 off

The world as it is can be so full of noise from all directions that tuning in to something more refined and cultivated can help channel some inner peace. There may be more than a handful of headphones up for grabs but noise-canceling headphones could just be the commuter’s best friend. Sennheiser has made quality sound their business and though they usually reels in a hefty price tag, Amazon hears you and will let you have the Sennheiser HD1 for $117 less. With this sale, you’ll get a set of high-end wireless cans for only $284 instead of $400, plus the chance to knock off another $50 with an approved Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

If you’re familiar with Sennheiser’s product range, then you might notice the uncanny resemblance the HD1 has with the brand’s very own Momentum 2.0. You wouldn’t be wrong to make the comparison as they are one and the same pair, just sold under different names in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. This bestselling pair boasts durability and comfort with a premium build. Long listening sessions are yours to enjoy, supported by a headband and earcups that are densely padded with memory foam and coated in leather. Its collapsible stainless steel frame, on the other hand, not only screams portability but is also ergonomically shaped for a snug fit that would prevent the bass from leaking out.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology is essentially what gets you off the hook from dealing with tangling cords. You’ll seamlessly be able to connect up to two NFC (near field communication) compatible devices simultaneously and up to 8 devices found in its pairing list. With a 22-hour battery life, Sennheiser’s HD1 packs enough juice to get through your commute even with both Bluetooth and NoiseGard (hybrid active noise cancellation) in use. You’ll be glad to know that nothing will come in between you and your music, not even on the off chance you run out of power as you can simply opt for a passive listening experience with the provision of a 3.5mm audio jack.

More than the ability to eliminate ambient sound, Sennheiser’s HD1 turns things up a notch with a frequency response of 16-22,000Hz that makes for a dynamic and full-bodied sound across the audio spectrum. Clear and crisp conversations on both ends are also achievable with the integration of VoiceMax technology into its dual built-in microphones. Made for those on the go, being out of touch with your device stowed in your bag or pocket, you’ll be able to configure the  HD1 with all the necessary controls for playback, power, and/or pairing strategically accessible on the right ear cup.

The Sennheiser HD1 is a set of on-ear headphones rated a nearly perfect 4-out-of 5 stars on our review. Sport these stylish cans and enjoy the bulk of features that comes along with it for only $284 with Amazon’s 29% discount.

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