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Shark, Ecovacs, and Roomba robot vacuums get price cuts for spring

The weather’s getting nice again, and we’re all emerging from our winter-long hibernation. That means it’s time once again to also start on that spring cleaning you’ve been putting off. It’s a real pain, and who really wants to clean when you’d rather be outside. We have an answer: a robot vacuum from iRobot Roomba, Ecovacs, or Shark Ion.

While you might think you don’t have the money for one, that isn’t as true as it used to be. With sales, robot vacuums are now dropping below $300, which while still more expensive than a good upright, the convenience of not having to deal with such a mundane chore makes it worth the extra cash.

Here’s three of our favorites that are on sale right now.

iRobot Roomba 690— $297

Anytime a Roomba’s on sale, we’ll definitely recommend it. iRobot’s been in the robot vacuum business for over a decade, and its robots are dependable, although a bit pricey at regular price. The 690 is the company’s cheapest model with both app connectivity and self-charging capabilities and built-in Alexa support, and with good reviews for durability, easy maintenance and battery life, an all around great deal.

Amazon’s sub $300 price is one of the first times we’ve seen this particular price point, so scoop this up while it’s available. If Amazon’s sold out, Walmart is currently selling the same model for a mere $2 more.

Shark Ion R75— $225

If the Roomba 690 is a bit too rich for your blood, the well-reviewed Shark Ion R75 is a great alternative. It has all the features of the Roomba 690, but for about $75 less. Shark’s robots get great reviews for their ease of use making them great entry level robots, and battery life and durability also make the R75 a wise choice. The cleaning might not be as good however as the 690, so there is a bit of compromise that you’ll need to accept, but it’s not a huge difference.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S— $200

iRobot Roomba deals

Budget-conscious shoppers who can deal with a few connectivity features missing might find the Ecovacs Deebot N79S a good alternative. Like the Ion R75 it’s super easy to start using out of the box, and durability and battery life are almost as good as other, more expensive options. Where it does fall behind some is in its smarts, and it might not clean as efficiently or as well as either of the above options in more complex layouts. Still, it’s a great entry-level robot vacuum for the price.

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