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Switch to Verizon Fios for $25 per Month, Get a $100 Gift Card to Spend Online

A family using the computer to browse Fios internet together.

This content was produced in partnership with Verizon.

Reliable home internet is a necessity these days whether you need it to do some work at home, to complete some studying or schoolwork, or just want to stream some quality content in your downtime. From laptops and desktop PCs to gaming consoles and mobile devices, nearly everything requires an active internet connection to get the full experience. That’s not even including smart home devices, like smart bulbs, switches, or smart speakers, all of which require the internet to function. But internet service can be expensive, especially if you’re limited by data caps. There is an alternative thanks to Verizon, and even better, with a current deal you will not only save a bunch of money, you’ll also get some in return.

What are we talking about, exactly? Verizon is currently offering a deal for new Fios customers willing to make the switch to its home internet service. Make the switch, get reliable home internet for an affordable price, and you’ll also receive a $100 gift card to spend online. It’s an incredible deal, but it’s only available for a limited time. You can take advantage, right now, below, or keep reading to learn more about what Verizon Fios has to offer you and your household.

One of the most important features of Verizon Fios, especially in today’s market, is that the price you see is the price you get. There are no hidden fees, and you don’t need to worry about surprise price hikes. As long as the Fios service is available in your local area, it’s $25 per month with AutoPay enabled and select 5G mobile plans — at 300 Mbps.

Fiber optic technology, which is what Fios is built on, delivers fast speeds for reliable connections, reducing bandwidth problems like buffering beyond any other home internet platforms. It’s much, much faster than dial-up or DSL, for example. But with Verizon’s Fios service, there are no data caps, and that’s an important distinction to make. The average family uses quite a bit of bandwidth whether streaming media, playing games online, doing virtual school or work, or any number of digital and online activities. Having no data caps means you don’t have to worry about how much bandwidth you’re using and you’ll never see your connections throttled in the middle of a session.

Speed options include 200/Mbps up to 940/880 Mbps download and upload respectively in select locations. Just remember, the $25 per month is for 300 Mbps. On top of that, everything is laid out neatly in one convenient and easy-to-read monthly bill with no surprise costs and no need to comb through an endless array of mysterious or confusing information. You can also mix and match your Fios plan to achieve coverage for your household and family to the exact specifications you need. Decide between Fios speeds, bundle with TV packages, or stick with just home service exclusively. It’s all up to you.

For a limited time, new subscribers that switch and sign up to Verizon Fios for home internet will receive $100 to spend online, via a virtual gift card. That’s essentially four months of service at $25 per month, for free. The stipulation, of course, is that you have to keep your service and pay accordingly for a few months. It’s a small price to pay for what amounts to free internet service through money earned. What are you waiting for? This deal isn’t going to last forever. In fact, it expires on March 31st, 2023, so you have less than a month.

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If you have multiple members of your household streaming videos, playing online games, or videoconferencing simultaneously — or you simply want an even faster connection — Verizon offers two speedier options. For $60 per month, you can get FIOS at 400 Mbps. That's twice as fast for just $20 more than the 200 Mbps package. Plus, you also get twice as many (six) free months of Discovery+! As with the 200 Mbps option, Verizon mobile customers with Unlimited Wireless get $20 off their monthly bill.

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One of our favorite internet service providers, Verizon FiOS offers download speeds of up to 940 Mbps and upload speeds that nearly match. Plus, you can build your own customized internet, TV, and phone bundle so that you aren't paying for stuff you don’t want or need. And right now, depending on the plan you choose, you'll get 3 to 12 months of Discovery+, Verizon's real-life entertainment package that includes Animal Planet, the Food Network, and the Learning Channel, for free.
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