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Walmart Memorial Day Sale 2022: What to expect this month

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Memorial Day is coming soon and marks the last national holiday of the spring season before summer rolls in. In true American tradition, that three-day weekend will bring with it plenty of cookouts and outdoor adventures (or maybe just lounging around the house in peace and quiet for a few days), as well as — you guessed it — big Memorial Day sales. Pretty much all the big retailers will be running their own sales, but one of the biggest players is always Walmart.

This big-box store sells just about everything money can buy, from clothes to electronics, and we expect all of it to be on sale during Memorial Day weekend. If you’re looking forward to doing some shopping at the end of the month and are wondering what you can expect from the 2022 Walmart Memorial Day Sale, keep reading. We’ve laid out everything you need to know right here. Also be sure to keep this page bookmarked and check back in, because we’ll keep you up to speed with all the best Walmart Memorial Day deals as soon as they go live.

When does the Walmart Memorial Day Sale start?

Memorial Day takes place on the last Monday of May. In 2022, that day is May 30. Memorial Day is a national holiday and a day of observance for U.S. armed forces personnel that have died in the line of service. Like other national holidays including July 4 and Labor Day, Memorial Day comes with a long three-day weekend attached, with retailers rolling out the red carpet for shoppers with all sorts of sales and deals.

Of course, it’s no secret that the Memorial Day sales start in earnest before the holiday itself. Typically, the sales begin no later than Saturday (which would be May 28 this year) as retailers are eager to draw in weekend shoppers. Many sales begin earlier than that, starting on Friday or even earlier in the week. Walmart is one of the outlets that tends to run longer sales, so don’t be surprised to see its Memorial Day deals begin rolling out on Friday, May 27.

The Walmart Memorial Day Sale will run through Monday, which is the day of the holiday itself. There might be some extended Memorial Day deals still available after Monday, but don’t plan your shopping around that possibility — the earlier you start shopping, the better. Bear in mind that many deals will go out of stock before the three-day holiday weekend is over, and even a massive retailer with piles of inventory like Walmart is not immune to this (especially with lingering supply chain issues still causing shortages here and there).

What to expect from the Walmart Memorial Day Sale in 2022

If you’re even remotely familiar with Walmart then you already know that this big-box store sells just about everything, from food to home appliances. It’s also a great place to find deals on all sorts of electronics — if it runs on electricity and it’s not a car, Walmart probably has it. Walmart also isn’t shy about offering competitive prices on virtually every type of product it sells, especially during holiday events like Memorial Day sales.

That means that whatever you’re shopping for, you’ll probably find it on discount during the 2022 Walmart Memorial Day Sale. That covers things like clothing and bedding, home appliance deals, popular kitchen items like Instant Pot deals, vacuum deals, and robot vacuum deals, and other everyday staples for the house.

But here, we’re all about the technology, and if you’re reading this, you probably are too. If that’s what you came for, then rest assured there will be plenty of great tech deals during the Walmart Memorial Day Sale. Walmart easily competes with other outlets like Amazon and even Best Buy when it comes to brand-name electronics. It’s one of the best places to shop for laptop deals and gaming deals on consoles and games, and both of those categories naturally include gaming laptop deals, too.

Walmart is also a fantastic place to shop for 4K TV deals. There are always good Walmart TV deals on tap even outside of seasonal events like holidays, but the Walmart Memorial Day Sale is going to be an even better opportunity to upgrade your home entertainment setup and save some serious cash.

There are a few exceptions. Walmart isn’t the best place to find MacBook deals, for instance, although we do expect to see iPad deals, AirPods deals, and Apple Watch deals among the Walmart Memorial Day Sale offerings. Also, as Walmart competes heavily with Amazon, don’t expect to see discounts on things like Echo smart speakers, Kindle tablets and e-readers, and other Amazon-brand devices, because Walmart doesn’t sell them (although third-party Walmart Marketplace vendors may sell them, you’ll still find the best deals for these items at Amazon and Best Buy).

As with any retail, always do your due diligence before diving into the Walmart Memorial Day Sale to make sure that bargain you’re eyeing is actually a good deal. Really, though, you’re in pretty safe waters so long as you stick with items sold by Walmart itself and not a third-party seller operating on the site. Nevertheless, it’s our recommendation to have an idea of what items you want before the Walmart Memorial Day Sale begins, do a little research on the products themselves (such as what the latest model is), and what their going prices are. That way, you won’t be sucked into buying a deal that’s actually not really worth it, or end up buying a last-gen item by mistake when you wanted the newest one.

And remember: The 2022 Memorial Day sales are likely to be the last major shopping opportunity before summer. If you don’t want to wait for July 4 sales or Amazon’s Prime Day deals to roll around, then now’s the time to get ready. Also consider bookmarking this page so we can keep you updated with all the best picks once the 2022 Walmart Memorial Day Sale is live.

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