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For a limited time, save $100 on the WT2 Plus language translator earbuds

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Advances in mobile technology have allowed for the creation of all sorts of incredibly useful gadgets, from smartwatches and fitness trackers to true wireless earbuds. Yet one application that has gone somewhat unnoticed is language translation. Enter the unique WT2 Plus earbuds from Timekettle, which are capable of translating languages into your native tongue in real time — and they’re on sale right now for a very nice $100 discount. Read on to find out more about these unique earbuds and how you can save.

At a glance, the Timekettle WT2 Plus earbuds look like little more than normal (albeit slightly oversized) in-ear headphones. But under the hood lies some impressive and innovative technology. These earbuds aren’t made for listening to music or podcasts; instead, the built-in microphone in each ear piece picks up voice communication within speaking distance and translates the audio into your native language.

This works in one of three ways: In “Simul” mode, when speaking with another person face-to-face, you can place one earbud in your ear while giving the second bud to the other individual. The WT2 Plus earbuds will translate the spoken language in real time (note there is naturally a few seconds of latency, as you’d expect with this sort of thing) and plays the converted audio directly into each wearer’s ear.

If you’re in a more crowded and noisy environment, you can use Touch mode. This is similar to the Simul mode in that it’s designed with two face-to-face speakers in mind, but each person simply touches their earbud when speaking in order to activate the WT2 Plus voice pick-up and translation. Finally, Speaker mode allows speech translation with only one person using an earbud. When activated, this mode will translate a speaker’s voice and instantly play the translated audio through your mobile device via the companion app. This allows you to enjoy conversations with multiple people while only requiring one earbud.

The WT2 Plus supported only a half-dozen languages when first released but now offers real-time translation for 40 languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Arabic, to name only a handful. The WT2 Plus translator earbuds normally go for $240, but through the end of this week, you can score them for $200 from Amazon after a tidy $100 discount.

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