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The Xbox One X gets a steep $167 discount ahead of Prime Day

Xbox One X review controller in front
Mike Epstein/Digital Trends

Microsoft is currently in the process of building a new console, but the project – dubbed “Xbox Scarlett” – isn’t going to see the light of day until 2020. If you want the latest and greatest Microsoft console, then the Xbox One X is still the king, and Amazon has it on sale right now at a very nice discount. Better still, you don’t need a Prime membership to take advantage of this offer like you do with those Prime Day deals, so this could be your best chance to score a new console and save some cash before the end of summer — other than the GameStop summer sale of course.

Microsoft rolled out the Xbox One X as a beefed-up successor to (although not a replacement for) the Xbox One S, which was itself a slimmed-down refresh of the Xbox One. Companies like Microsoft and Sony releasing and selling upgraded models of current-gen consoles along with the “regular” models have been a somewhat unique feature of this console generation, but the experiment was successful. The Xbox One X currently represents some of the best hardware that modern consoles offer. It’s also arguably a must-have if you’re gaming on a 4K TV.

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The Xbox One X carries on the legacy of the Xbox One S as being a fantastic all-around multimedia system as well. It’s great for gaming, sure, but its 4K streaming capabilities (carried over from the One S) allow you to enjoy all of your online content libraries from Netflix, Hulu, and more in crisp Ultra HD. Another great feature that the Xbox One X kept is a 4K Blu-Ray player, something that even the powerful PS4 Pro lacks – a curious omission given that Sony is the original developer of Blu-Ray technology.

The Xbox One X launched at a steep asking price of $500 – you could build a cheap gaming rig for that price – and since then, it’s still been hovering around $400-500 with prices only seldom dipping below that (it’s still priced at $500 from Microsoft, outside of seasonal sales). This deal on Amazon lets you score a 1TB Xbox One X for just $363 ahead of Prime Day, though, giving you a nice 27% savings of $167.

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