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Cook meals of all types with this Zojirushi multicooker, now 30% off from Amazon

Zojirushi is one of the most established manufacturing companies in Japan, makers of quality kitchen appliances and consumer electronics including bread machines, rice cookers, and multicookers. Founded in 1918, it boasts a century’s worth of expertise. The company has now made its way onto American soil, and one of its latest offerings is the Zojirushi multicooker, a heavy-duty cooker that boasts multiple functionalities.

This six-quart multicooker is available on Amazon for a tough-to-beat 30% off. Up your cooking game and eliminate the need for additional kitchen appliances for $175 instead of the regular price of $250. And if you order now via the Amazon Rewards Visa card, you can get $50 off instantly, bringing the price down to just $125.

Compared to the Instant Pot, the Zojirushi multicooker is borderline ugly. It is clunky-looking, like a badly designed UFO with a protruding control panel and a lid handle that sticks out in a weird way. Whatever sacrifices it made in terms of appearance, it clearly made up for in terms of how well it performs.

This six-quart, 1,350-watt multicooker is built like a tank. It is made of brushed stainless steel and is incredibly heavy at 22 pounds. It has nine convenient menu settings for a variety of cooking options, including Sauté/Sear, Simmer, Low/Slow Cook, Steam, White Rice, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Yogurt, and Keep Warm. Its LED display control panel conveniently faces upward for ease of use and visibility.

While most multicookers aren’t very good at searing meats since they can’t reach a temperature point that’s high enough, this multicooker can. It can easily reach 410 degrees Fahrenheit for that perfectly seared, juicy sirloin steak. Its Slow Cook mode works extremely well too, with four temperature settings from 140 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It can hold a certain temperature point for long periods of time to ensure evenly cooked and thoroughly tender meats and is ideal for foods like tofu.

Its Tri-ply stainless steel inner cooking pot is 10 inches in diameter, distributes heat evenly, and can easily hold six quarts of food, making it ideal for large families. It is BPA-free, and the interior is non-corrosive and stain-resistant.

Its strangely shaped tempered glass lid can literally stand by itself. The handle is attached not to the center of the lid, but to its rim, before angling up and inward. It may look clunky, but the design serves a purpose. As the lid stands almost straight up like an iron, hot drips and condensation collect in the wide metal rim, which you can dump back into the pot. It is a carefully thought-out design choice that’s convenient and practical.

The Zojirushi six-quart multicooker is a durable, multifunctional, and dependable kitchen appliance that’s guaranteed to last a long time. If you’re not completely sold on it, you can check out these pages for our best multicookers and pressure cookers. And for something more affordable, take a look at the Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package programmable pressure cooker.

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