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Amazon’s massive strategy board game sale ends today. Here are the best deals

Amazon’s video game sales are notable and fairly frequent, but that isn’t the only type of game you can save on through the retailer. Amazon is currently offering big savings on some of the most popular strategy board games around, but the deals are only good for today. We think it would be a wise strategy to take advantage of them before they’re gone.

Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe

Among the biggest board games being offered through the promotion is Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition, which can be played with up to 74 other people. In the game, you attempt to deduce who among you is an evil monster and must choose someone to eliminate — just hope you don’t guess incorrectly. The Deluxe Edition pack includes expansion with further roles for werewolves and hunters, and a timer app is available to help keep the action moving. The game is normally available for $25, but you can buy it right now for less than $10.

Boss monster 2

For retro video game fans, you can’t go wrong with Boss Monster 2. Acting as a standalone game and an expansion to the original Boss Monster, the sequel has you build traps and dungeons for unsuspecting heroes to discover, and it draws heavy influence from NES-era titles from the ’80s. Typically available for $25, it’s available today for $16. An expansion is also available for roughly the same price.


Post-apocalyptic games: so hot right now. If you’ve been itching to dig into something a little bit meatier while you compete against your friends, then consider Colony. Decades after humanity was nearly decimated, it’s up to you to rebuild civilization with specialized buildings and resources. Dice themselves are a resource in the game, but the basic gameplay loop is simple enough that inexperienced players will still be able to enjoy it. Normally $60, it only costs $29 right now.

These sales are only available until the end of July 29, and we highly recommend taking advantage of at least one. Even if you primarily play video games, you never know when your power might go out, and if you head somewhere without an internet connection, you’ll want to make sure you can still enjoy yourself and have fun! However, if you can’t catch this board game deal, you can always wait for Black Friday deals to leverage from the fantastic discounts.

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