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The best Nintendo Switch chargers

The Nintendo Switch is an extremely versatile system, and in addition to the several different options for playing the console, there are also several ways to charge it. One of these is the default charger that comes with every Switch and Switch Lite system, but there are many other options for players on the go and those who need to keep their system powered up for a long time. These are the best Nintendo Switch chargers.

We’ve also found some of the best battery cases as well if you’re looking for more portable options for playing the best Switch games on the go.

Traditional chargers

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

The standard Nintendo Switch AC Adapter doesn’t have many frills, but it’s perfect for nearly all players. Connect it directly to the wall on one end and to the Nintendo Switch on the other end via USB-C, and it can be used just like a charge on a traditional handheld system. Plug it into the Switch dock instead of the Switch itself, however, and it turns into a power cable for the dock and console, allowing for play on a larger display. One Nintendo Switch AC adapter comes with every Switch and Switch Lite, but it’s worthwhile to buy an extra if players regularly jump between docked and handheld modes.

YCCSKY Switch Charger

Similar to the official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter but for about half the price, the YCCSKY Switch Charger features variable voltage and amperage for faster charging on devices. Along with being able to charge the Switch and Switch Lite systems, it can also charge the Switch Pro controller, a Joy-Con charging station, a laptop or tablet, and mobile phones. Its USB-C connection means it can replace the original AC Adapter in the system’s dock, as well, if the included charger happens to break or go missing.

Car chargers

HORI Nintendo Switch Car Charger

An officially licensed charger from HORI, the official Nintendo Switch Car Charger is an inexpensive option for keeping the console charged while traveling. It plugs into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet rather than a USB port, so it should work with the majority of cars, and it connects to the Switch itself through the same USB-C plug as the other car chargers on this list. For the low price, players will have to lose out on some extra features, such as additional USB inputs, but it will keep the Switch or Switch Lite from losing battery on long trips. Paired with a headrest mount, the Switch turns into the ultimate Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate machine.

YCCTEAM High-speed Switch Car Charger

An unofficial option that boasts a few extra features for roughly the same price as the HORI model, the YCCTEAM High-speed Switch Car Charger features a fast-charging system to get the Switch up to full power in about three hours. It includes a small LED to make it easier to find when it’s late at night and there are no other lights in the vehicle, and it includes two USB ports to plug in additional devices. This is particularly useful, as it comes with a 6-foot USB-C cable by default, but any devices that use older USB plugs will need to use their own cable.

Charging cases

BigBlue Battery Charger Case

The BigBlue Battery Charger Case for Nintendo Switch allows players to keep playing their system in handheld mode for around 10 more hours than the standard Switch battery. The system slots into the case and plugs in via a small USB-C nub on the bottom, and it includes an extra USB-C and USB-A port on the back side. A much more substantial kickstand folds out on the back, as well, and there are extra handles that can be attached to accommodate the Joy-Con controllers. Along with the longer battery life, it will help protect the system against bumps and falls.

Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag with Battery

A carrying case rather than a playing case, the Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag With Battery is compatible with a number of different devices, including Nintendo Switch. The case features a slot for a 10,000mAh power bank and connects to the Switch via a USB-C cable. This lets the Switch charge while it’s protected within the case, and there are also slots for Switch games and the Joy-Con controllers. The interior is also soft to prevent scratches, the integrated charging cable can plug into a wall without having to remove it completely from the case.

Charging stands

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

The official adjustable charging stand from Nintendo Switch doesn’t replace the standard AC adapter. Instead, it functions in conjunction with it to provide players a way to play their games while in tabletop mode.

This charger is tiny enough to fit in a case with other Switch accessories easily. Simultaneously, its adjustable viewing angle means it can better accommodate the height of the table it’s sitting on. It can also function as a normal stand when you don’t have the AC adapter plugged in, making a second dedicated kickstand unnecessary.

HORI Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand

The HORI Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand boasts significantly more features and works alongside the official AC adapter for the Nintendo Switch.

There are four USB 2.0 ports on the device, allowing for accessories to plug into the Switch while in tabletop mode. These could be additional controllers or adapters, and it also includes multiple viewing angles.

The stand component itself is very sturdy, making it unlikely to crack or tip over during play sessions, and the ports are all located on the sides for easy access.

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