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The best weapons in Deathloop

Deathloop takes a unique approach when it comes to its weapons. Instead of having dozens of different weapons, Bethesda’s latest IP goes the route of varying mods for a handful of guns. With a few special weapons available to unlock and a streamlined tier system, it won’t take you long to find the best weapons in Deathloop.

We’ve broken down each class of weapons and detailed the modded versions you should be using. Keep in mind, the weapons mentioned below are assuming you’ve found the rare versions.

The best overall weapon in Deathloop

The Tribunal pistol from Deathloop with the best Trinkets.

Bar none, the best weapon in Deathloop is a silenced Tribunal. When equipped with the right Trinkets, we played the entire game like James Bond wielding the golden gun. You will have to rely on luck, though, to find a Tribunal equipped with the Suppressor perk. Infuse the silenced Tribunal as soon as you find it, and you’ll never have to think twice about what gun to use again. However, that’s only if you’re running the best Trinkets. So what are the best Trinkets to run for the silenced Tribunal?

  • Straight Shooter: Accuracy of aimed shots is greatly increased across the board.
  • Lighting Strike: The distance over which your weapon does full damage is greatly increased.
  • Sure Shot: Greatly increases the range at which this weapon is accurate.

With a silenced Tribunal, the best Slabs in Deathloop, and the right Character Trinkets, you can tear through every Visionary in one clip.

The best LMG in Deathloop

The Pepper Mill LMG from Deathloop.

Now that we’re done gushing over the Tribunal, it’s time to give the Pepper Mill some love. Again, it’s about finding the right mods for these weapons. When it comes to the MG-1 Pepper Mill, the best mods you can find are Zero In and Open Wounds. Zero In decreases your bullet spread with continued fire. Since the Pepper Mill isn’t very accurate with sustained fire, Zero In keeps Colt on target, especially when tracking Julianna across the rooftops.

Open Wounds works against normal NPCs for a handful of reasons. Colt wants to stay in constant motion, using his Shift Slab and general acrobatic abilities to avoid incoming fire. Open Wounds deals damage over time once you’ve shot an enemy, inflicting a bleed debuff.

Of course, Deathloop doesn’t lend itself to all-out gunfights with NPCs. With a heavy focus on the “silent assassin” mechanic, tearing through Blackreef with an LMG feels counterintuitive to the game design.

The best shotgun in Deathloop

Shotgun dropped by Charlie in Deathloop.

Charlie Montegue drops the best shotgun in Deathloop. No, we’re not talking about the Heritage Gun, which you’ll obtain by playing Charlie’s sadistic game in Karl’s Bay. We’re talking about the Strelak 50-50. This full-auto shotgun has an incredible base range, which increases further when you equip the Lighting Strike Trinket. Call of Duty: Warzone players remember how overpowered the Streetsweeper shotgun was. The Strelak 50-50 is that level of OP. Finally, it fires two shots at a time. Yes, this passive perk will eat through your ammo, but with munition boxes and vendors plentiful on Blackreef, you shouldn’t feel like you’re running out of ammo too often.

Mod-wise, we aren’t too concerned with finding the “right mod” for the Strelak 50-50. Instead, let’s focus on the best Trinkets for Charlie’s shotgun.

  • Speedloader: Reload Speed is greatly increased. (As close to an instant reload as you’re going to get.)
  • Hipster: Shots from the hip have minimal spread.
  • Lighting Strike: Because we’re banking on increased damage range.

These Trinkets, paired with the Strelak’s base stats, make it the best close-midrange weapon in the game. Juliana will never stand a chance.

The best SMGs in Deathloop

Frank's machine pistol from Deathloop.

We’ve picked two weapons to award the “best SMG in Deathloop” medal to. The first goes to Frank’s weapon of choice, Constancy Automatic, which we’ll classify as legendary tier. Even though it’s a legendary gun, you can still find different versions of it. All you have to do is find and kill Frank in his nightclub on Fristad Rock over and over again. Constancy will always come with the same primary buff allowing you to reload and shoot simultaneously.

The best version of Constancy we’ve found (pictured above) comes with the Feedback Loop buff, which stacks damage when landing shots. We paired this with the Hailfire Trinket to increase the rate of fire for a gun that already shoots pretty fast. This Constancy tears through anything it aims at, even Julianna.

You’ve probably developed a special relationship with the LIMP-10. The rusty version has been with you from the moment you woke up on that beach all those loops ago. So what’s the best LIMP-10 in Deathloop?

There’s a silenced one you can get your hands on. However, you’ll have to rely on luck to find it. Equip your silenced LIMP-10 with the same Trinkets as your silenced Tribunal to build the ultimate silent assassin. You can also equip the Hailfire Trinket to turn your LIMP-10 into a stealthy laser beam. We had luck finding this LIMP-10 after opening the secret service tunnel door connecting Hangar 1 and Hangar 2 in Karl’s Bay. There’ll always be a rare LIMP-10 in that room. You’ll just have to rinse and repeat a few times to find the silenced one.

Aleksis Dorsey is another good source for LIMP-10 farming, as he’ll always drop two when he’s killed. We’ve found LIMPs with vampire mods on his body, which, when dual-wielded, keep Colt alive while facing a hail of gunfire.

Best rifle in Deathloop

The sniper rifle from Deathloop with Trinkets.

Let’s face it: Everyone wants to get their hands on the Sepulchra Breteira sniper rifle in Deathloop. (No, we don’t know how to say that either.) So let’s talk about how to find the sniper and why you should always keep it on your back. Head to Updaam in the afternoon. You’ll hear a disgruntled Eternalist complaining about having to work late, having spent too much time gift wrapping a present for Colt. That Eternalist is hiding out in the sniper nest outside of Dorsey Manor.

To take them out before the ambush, face the present then:

  • Turn around and look up. You’ll see an open window.
  • Toss a grenade through the window and then Shift up to it once it blows up.
  • Take out the remaining enemies and claim the sniper. You can repeat this as many times as you’d like to find different mods for the sniper.

So why should you always keep a sniper on your back? The scope makes spotting Julianna much easier. You won’t be sniping Eternalists for anything more than fun, and the best way to use the sniper rifle is to fend off your rival assassin.

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