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How to get a pet in Diablo 4

Since it's an always-online experience, you'll never truly be alone in Diablo 4. Between all the other players you can encounter roaming around the world, and the ability to play co-op with friends on any platform, odds are you will never be lacking a companion. Even so, you can't expect someone to keep you company at all times, unless you get yourself a pet. Granted, there's only one pet available at the moment, and it is purely a cosmetic item and won't help you in combat, but is an adorable companion nonetheless. Here's how to get a pet in Diablo 4.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach level 20 during the beta period

  • Reach Kyovashad

A warrior carries a sleeping wolf on his back in a red blanket.
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How to get a pet

The unfortunate requirement to having access to the Wolf Pup pet is that you need to have participated in any of the Diablo 4 beta periods and reached level 20 with a single character. If you were not able to participate or reach that level prior to launch, there is unfortunately no other way to get a pet at this time.

Step 1: Start a character and complete the prologue.

Step 2: Reach Kyovashad and locate the wardrobe. This is marked by an icon of a dresser on the map next to the chest icon.

Step 3: Interact with the wardrobe and switch from the Armor tab to Items.

Step 4: Select Back Trophy and select the Beta Wolf Pack item.

Step 5: Make sure to hit Confirm Look to save your outfit before you exit the wardrobe.

You will now have an adorable sleeping wolf pup nestled safely on your character's back. So far, this is the only pet option in the game and, again, it's only available if you reached level 20 in the beta. However, we suspect that this will become available through other means in the future, and that additional pet items will be added in future updates.

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