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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to find the Royal Tools

Disney Dreamlight Valley is teeming with things to do, but before you can begin building out your dream Disney town, you’ll first need to find the Royal Tools. These four tools will make up your primary utility kit throughout the game, allowing you to mine, water crops, dig, and go fishing. Making constant use of these together will be the keys to your success as you complete quests and improve your friendships, so we need to get them in your possession.

The quest to find the Royal Tools is given to you by Merlin very early in your adventure, and it’s required to complete before you can move forward in the game. While three of the tools are scattered nearby in the Plaza, the fourth will require you to visit the Peaceful Meadow and help out a beloved character. Here’s where to find all four of the Royal Tools.

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The Watering Can

The first Royal Tool is the Watering Can. You’ll need this for watering your crops and other flowers around the town. You’ll see this one sitting behind some barrels directly beside your house in the Plaza.

The Royal Pickaxe

The second Royal Tool is the Royal Pickaxe. You’ll make use of this for mining and breaking the various rocks found throughout the world. This one is stuck in a rock in the southeastern portion of the Plaza.

The Shovel

The third Royal Tool is the Shovel. This comes in handy for digging up all kinds of goodies across the world. You can find it in the Plaza, sticking out of the ground next to a broken-down restaurant.

The Fishing Rod

The fourth Royal Tool is the Fishing Rod. You’ll use this to catch fish and other water-based items that can be sold or used to cook some important dishes. This one can only be obtained after you’ve rounded up the Royal Pickaxe that can break the rocks leading into the Peaceful Meadow. Break those rocks, then seek out Goofy’s house on your left.

Once you’ve gone through some dialogue with Goofy, he’ll ask you to find his Lucky Fishing Rod. This can be found northeast of his house, next to the pond. Afterward, take the Lucky Fishing Rod back to him, and he’ll reward you with your very own Fishing Rod, which is your fourth Royal Tool.

With all four Royal Tools found, you’ll have everything you need to finish the quest, so head back to Merlin to wrap it up.

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