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EA Play Live 2021: How to watch and what to expect

EA Play Live, EA’s digital show about the present and future of its expansive suite of games, is happening tomorrow. Rather than attend E3, EA chose to host its own show, which will feature news on current and upcoming games like Madden NFL 22Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, and more. The show can be livestreamed for free on EA’s official video outlets. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about the show.

When is EA Play Live 2021?

EA Play Live will take place at 10 a.m. PT on Thursday, July 22. The total runtime of the show is unknown, though it will likely last about an hour (not counting any post-shows or extended demos that may occur).

Where can I watch EA Play Live?

EA Play Live 2021

The show can be watched for free on EA’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

What will we see at EA Play Live?

While we don’t know everything that will be shown at the show, we do have a good idea of what will be there. Battlefield 2042 made one of the biggest splashes in the gaming world last month, promising wingsuits, tornadoes, and 128-player battles. While we already know a fair amount of details about the game, it’s likely that EA will have even more to show off at the event. We’ll also probably get a look at the yearly Madden NFL installment.

We can also expect to get more information on Apex Legends season 10, some of which was revealed yesterday. New legend Seer will probably be discussed, as will the changes to the World’s Edge map and the new Rampage gun. The game will also be getting a ranked version of its Arenas mode, which is pretty self-explanatory but will likely be explored as well.

Beyond existing games, it’s rumored that fans will get a look at a new game in the Dead Space series, which hasn’t received an entry since 2013. Fans have been clamoring for a new title ever since, as Dead Space 3 didn’t meet many players’ expectations.

What won’t be shown at EA Play Live

EA is sure to have surprises up its sleeves, but we know we won’t see the recently teased Skate 4 or any new Star Wars titles. It appears as though there won’t be anything new from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series either, leading some to believe that EA’s show will be pretty concise.

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When is the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase?
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How to watch the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase?
Nintendo's on-demand video will debut exclusively on its YouTube channel. There's no placeholder video live for it at the moment, so it will likely be uploaded right at 6 a.m PT. Keep an eye on Nintendo's channel that morning so you don't miss it.
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When is January 2024's State of Play?
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How to watch January 2024's State of Play
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