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Is Exoprimal cross-platform?

Capcom’s latest release is all about you and four friends teaming up to mow down endless waves of dinosaurs while wearing powerful Exosuits. Being a multiplayer-only title, with no dedicated single-player mode to speak of, you’re going to be encouraged to party up with your friends rather than depend on the matchmaking systems most of the time. Recent years have seen a major push for multiplayer-focused games that release on all consoles, such as Exoprimal, to have full cross-platform support. However, does Exoprimal follow suit? Here’s the complicated answer to whether or not Exoprimal is cross-platform.

Is Exoprimal cross-platform?

On day 1, Exoprimal will support cross-platform matchmaking, but party creation will be specific to each platform ecosystem, as seen below in no particular order:
Group 1: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows
Group 2: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Group 3: Steam

— Exoprimal (@exoprimal) July 7, 2023

The short answer is sort of. The answer depends on how you’re playing the game.

If you are playing using the matchmaking system, where you are randomly matched with other players, then Exoprimal allows for players on all platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, and PC) to match together.

If you want to create a party with your friends, as most players will, then the answer will be slightly disappointing. As stated by the Exoprimal official Twitter account, on launch, the game will only allow specific platform groups to be made. These groups are:

  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Steam

If you have friends on any platform not in your group, you will not be able to form a group with them. Capcom is working on a way to allow players to create groups with their friends across all platforms, but as of the time of this writing, there is no estimated date for when that will be implemented. This is a surprising limitation, not only because of the industry trend toward multiplayer games allowing for cross-platform play, but also because you are required to create a Capcom ID to play Exoprimal.

For now, you are limited to either praying you find your friends on other platforms through matchmaking or only grouping up with friends that happen to be in the same group as you.

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