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Fortnite chapter 3 guide: Season 1, week 12 quests and how to complete them

It’s a new week, and Epic Games has a brand new batch of Fortnite challenges for us to complete. For week 12 of season 1, chapter 3, Fortnite has a set of quests that are a little trickier than before, though all are completable with ease if you know what to do. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about the new quests.

These are the new week 12 quests and how to complete them in Fortnite.

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Season 1, week 12 quests

  • Visit Adrift or Pawntoon in a Motorboat (1)
  • Use Spider-Man’s Bouncers to Catch a Zipline (1)
  • Gain Shields at Butter Barn (50)
  • Destroy Objects in Covert Cavern (25)
  • Destroy Gas Pumps (4)
  • Damage Opponents with Explosives (100)
  • Collect Treasure Using Drake’s Map (1)

Season 1, week 12 quest guide

Visit Adrift or Pawntoon in a Motorboat (1)

Map of Adrift location in Fortnite.

The first quest for the week isn’t necessarily hard, but it’s one you might need help with since it involves visiting secret locations. For the purposes of simplicity, we advise visiting Adrift because Pawntoon spawns in different locations each match. Pawntoon is a large boat with plenty of goodies aboard — but it’s hard to reliably land there consistently since it doesn’t appear in a fixed location. Instead, visit Adrift, which is located on the west coast of Greasy Grove. Grab a motorboat at the dock and drive it to the west. Once you arrive at the location marked on the map above (thanks,, you will have arrived at Adrift, and you’ll earn credit for this challenge. Adrift consists of debris from the arm of a mecha that landed in the water during The Final Showdown.

Use Spider-Man’s Bouncers to Catch a Zipline (1)

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to land at The Daily Bugle and bounce on the Spider-Man web bouncer on the east side of this area. It’s right beneath a zipline, so keep bouncing and pressing the Interact button to grab onto it. It helps if you immediately start repositioning your character as soon as you bounce so you can adjust in mid-air.

Gain Shields at Butter Barn (50)

Map of Butter Barn in Fortnite.

Butter Barn isn’t marked on the map, but it’s the large building to the northwest of Chonker’s Speedway, across from a gas station. Check out the map above for more details (courtesy of Land here and loot the inside of the building. Eventually, you’ll come across shields, and to complete this challenge, you need to replenish 50 HP. We recommend filling up on small shields first since they cap you out at 50 HP.

Destroy Objects in Covert Cavern (25)

Covert Cavern is the secret area to the northeast of Camp Cuddle. It’s found under a mountain and contains numerous deadly NPCs. We advise landing at the west side of this area, which doesn’t have as many guards. For this challenge, you need to destroy 25 objects here, so make sure you break everything in sight while trying to collect loot so you can defend yourself. You don’t need to destroy all 25 in one go, so if you get eliminated early, just finish it up in a separate match. Your progress carries over from game to game.

Destroy Gas Pumps (4)

Map of gas stations in Fortnite.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll find gas pumps at gas stations around the map. There are several of them to choose from, and for this challenge, you only need to destroy four pumps. Not all gas stations feature at least four pumps though, so we recommend landing at the one just northeast of Rocky Reels, across the river. You can find its exact location on the map above (thanks, This gas station has 12 pumps total, so you can easily complete this challenge in the same match. Just slash them with your melee weapon or shoot them and they’ll all start exploding.

Damage Opponents with Explosives (100)

As you play, be on the lookout for grenades or other explosives. We recommend landing at an area with lots of buildings such as Tilted Towers so you’ve got a higher chance of finding explosives from chests and as floor loot. We recommend having a few grenades or other explosives just in case you mess up or don’t deal 100 HP worth of damage. When you find enough, you can either damage a real player or an NPC. Since you have to deal 100 HP worth of damage, it’s likely you’ll need to throw multiple grenades, so keep this in mind.

Collect Treasure Using Drake’s Map (1)

Drake's Map on the ground in Fortnite.

While you’re at Covert Cavern, you’ll want to be on the lookout for Nathan Drake’s treasure map. It spawns in different locations within the Covert Cavern area, so make sure you’ve got your eyes peeled as you explore.

Drake's treasure in Fortnite.

The map itself is gold and can be collected just like a regular item. Keep running around the underground section and you’ll eventually stumble across it. Once you’ve got the map, you’ll need to follow the dotted line until you get to the X, where the treasure is. Again, this area is different each time. After you’ve found the X, dig up the treasure chest and open it for some fantastic loot.

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