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‘Fortnite’ update removes controversial Drum Gun, adds Suppressed Assault Rifle

Fortnite Suppressed Assault Rifle 5.40.2 content update

It’s another Tuesday so you know what that means. Epic Games has released the Fortnite weekly content update 5.40.2 that changes up both the Battle Royale PvP mode as well as the Save the World PvE portion. This latest update arrives just before the season five week 10 challenges release. The update brings with it only a few changes but includes some pretty notable ones that players will want to know about.

The Drum Gun gets vaulted

fortnite vaulted drum gun

For starters, the Fortnite update 5.40.2 patch notes remove the controversial Drum Gun. This machine gun is the latest weapon to be vaulted by Epic Games alongside the likes of the jetpack and the crossbow. Surprisingly, Epic Games hasn’t given an official reason as to why the Drum Gun has been vaulted but it has been a weapon that fans have disliked for some time now.

The Drum Gun was known to be pretty overpowered at both close and mid-range, allowing users to devastate opponents with ease. It didn’t help that the Drum Gun also had the added benefit of destroying walls and structures quickly. Though the overpowered Drum Gun is gone, the new Suppressed Assault Rifle has stepped up to takes its place in Battle Royale.

The new Suppressed Assault Rifle

Fortnite Suppressed Assault Rifle 5.40.2 content update

The Fortnite update 5.40.2 patch notes introduce the Suppressed Assault Rifle, a precise automatic weapon that is best suited for taking down enemies swiftly and quietly. The Suppressed Assault Rifle is much quieter than the normal version, allowing for players to sneak up on enemies and attack from afar without giving away their position. While not the beast that the Drum Gun was, the Suppressed Assault Rifle is sure to shake up Battle Royale from here on since it encourages a more stealthy approach to matches.

5.40.2 Bug Fixes

Fortnite Suppressed Assault Rifle 5.40.2 content update

Outside of those two major changes to Battle Royale, there are a few important bug fixes that come with the Fortnite update 5.40.2 patch notes to the Getaway limited time mode. These fix issues with the jewel and certain equipped outfits. Though the Battle Royale changes are meager this week, update 5.40.2 gives some love to the Save the World PvE mode in Fortnite.

Save the World players can now hop onto the battlefield with the new character Field Agent Rio. The Field Agent comes with a brand-new subclass Rook that players can check out. Field Agent Rio arrives alongside the week six Horde challenges that task Save the World players with taking out assassin Husks while having no shields.

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