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Fortnite Deadpool takeover event: Map changes, new items, and more

Deadpool takes over the Fortnite season 2 map in new event

Fortnite: Battle Royale just got a lot more wild with Deadpool hosting a new limited-time event in the game. The superhero mercenary took over the chapter 2, season 2 map and is hosting his own party for players to check out. The revamped map is complete with redecorated areas, a general Deadpool theme, and new items to buy in the store.

Deadpool event takes over Fortnite season 2

Fortnite Deadpool Battle Bus

When players log in to Fortnite now, they will find that there is a lot of Deadpool to go around. For one, the Deadpool challenges this week allow players to finally unlock his official skin in the game. In addition, the Merc with a Mouth is changing up the battle royale island to fit his crazy party event.

The main change that players will notice immediately is the battle bus’s new makeover for this limited-time event. Instead of the usual decrepit blue bus, it has a shiny new red paint job with black accents, fitting the standard Deadpool costume. The bus itself is carried along by a hot air balloon with his face on it.

In addition, as teased by the official Deadpool Twitter account, the Yacht-named location is now completely different. The new area that was added at the start of season 2 is now Deadpool’s personal party boat.

Fortnite Deadpool Yacht

The luxury boat found in the northeastern corner of the map now has a slick red aesthetic. With ornate borders and spotlights, the area is now going to be the center of attention for the coming weeks. Players can find Deadpool’s face and his favorite snack, chimichangas, scattered all around.

What players won’t find here is Meowscles, the spy agent previously stationed there as a boss. Instead, Meowscles is now at the box factory landmark on the southern end of the map.

While the Deadpool skin is finally available to unlock, it is far from the only cosmetic item that players can get right now. He also took over the daily item shop, replacing everything with his own pieces. Players can find a dragon unicorn glider, chimichanga emote, mallets pickaxe, and much more for purchase there.

No end date was given, but the Fortnite Deadpool event will likely stick around until the end of season 2. There are only a few more weeks left in the season, so players should take advantage of the fun while they still can.

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