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Fortnite season 8, week 10 challenge: Launch through flaming hoops with a cannon

Grab a cannon and shoot through flaming hoops for this week's Fortnite challenge

The Fortnite season eight, week 10 challenges are literally on fire this week with some great challenges to take us into the final stretch of this pirate-themed season. There are some solid obstacles to tackle this week and completing them is a great way to send us off into season nine next week. It’s been an overall lackluster season minus the epic Avengers: Endgame event but at the very least, it’ll be ending off strong.

Fortnite week 10 challenges

Fortnite flaming hoops fortnite week 10 challenges

Like always, there are seven challenges this week for you to check out, four for battle pass owners and three for everyone. It’s a great set of challenges that you can check out in our screenshot above. Note that since there is likely only one week until the launch of season nine, you will need to act fast if you’re looking to get all of these rewards. Now, for this particular challenge guide, we are going to look at some flaming hoops.

Fortnite launch through flaming hoops with a cannon

Fortnite flaming hoops location:

This season eight, week 10 challenge tasks you with launching yourself through flaming hoops with a cannon. This challenge might sound familiar to you if you’re a Battle Royale veteran since it is a modified take on a previous flaming hoops challenge we did a long time ago. That time, though, it was mainly about using a vehicle to get through the flaming hoops.

For this challenge, though, we are going to be using one of the vehicles added at the start of season eight — the pirate cannons. Getting through the hoops is going to be a little trickier to accomplish than the last time we did this challenge, but that’s where we come in. We’ve got some tips for you that will help you complete this challenge.

To start, we do recommend that you, once again, do this challenge in the Team Rumble big team mode for all the same reasons as usual. You have fewer enemies to worry about, a bigger team, more time to complete the challenge, and so on. There’s less pressure in this mode than there is doing it in solo or even squads, so you’re better off doing it here.

Also, if you find yourself struggling, make sure to turn on the Party Assist mode in the challenges tab in the Battle Royale lobby. This will allow your teammates to complete the challenge alongside you and you’ll still get credit for it. This way, you can split up and tackle the various flaming hoops and complete the challenge faster. After all, there are three hoops we need to launch through. Let’s get started.

Fortnite flaming hoops location: Salty Springs

Fortnite flaming hoops location:

The first of the three flaming hoops is found in Salty Springs. While the hoop is near there, it isn’t the exact location that you will want to land. Head to the pirate camp that is located just south of the hoop. The pirate camp is on top of the little mountain that is southwest of Salty Springs and just on the eastern edge of the snow biome border.

When you arrive, follow the stairs up until you reach the very top where the cannon is located. The cannon is facing a window that is looking right at the flaming hoop near Salty Springs. We recommend not launching exactly like that, though. Instead, it’s best to just destroy that window and wall so that you have some more space around you.

Then you will need to line up the cannon directly facing the hoop north of you. To make sure that you make it all the way through the hoop, pay close attention to the white dot in the middle of your screen. You are going to want to center it with the hoop then slightly move it upward. This is because you will fly in an arc so you will start to descend a little bit.

Once you have the white dot pointing a little bit over the center of the hoop, use the appropriate button input to launch yourself. As you launch, the best thing you can do is not really mess with your movement at all so you don’t end up going off course. If you miss, make a note of what you can do to make the next shot, then run back to the camp and try again until you get it.

Fortnite flaming hoops location: Volcano

Fortnite flaming hoops location:

For the next flaming hoop, head way up north to the volcano. It’s a pretty far walk but we were able to complete the previous hoop and this one within the same match. It’s worth noting that these hoops will become harder as we go on. You need to head to the pirate camp that is right at the base of the volcano.

You can find it just southwest of the volcano. Head up its stairs until you reach the very top of the fort. There, you will find a couple of cannons waiting for you to use. Again, like before, we recommend destroying any walls that are facing south so you have a clear view of the next hoop. The next hoop is just slightly southwest of your location so face that way.

Like before, center the white dot so it’s in the middle of the hoop and then aim it a bit higher. Unlike the last one, however, we need to move this dot a little bit higher than you did the last one. The distance between the cannon and the hoop is much greater than before so you will need to adjust accordingly. Again, if you mess up, it’s no problem since you can readjust and try again.

Fortnite flaming hoops location: Lazy Lagoon

Fortnite flaming hoops location:

The final location that we need to head to is Lazy Lagoon. This is pretty close to the previous spot in this challenge so if you have time, certainly go for it. The place that you’re looking for is the pirate camp that is just west and slightly northwest of Lazy Lagoon. Once you get here, head up to the top of the fortress.

Once there, destroy any windows or walls that are in your way. Now, for this final flaming hoop, we need to face directly southeast towards the huge pirate ship and the town of Lazy Lagoon. It might be a little tricky for you to find this hoop since it’s really far away from the pirate camp. It is the furthest hoop we’ve done so there are two ways you can go about this.

The first way is by using the same method as before. You will need to line up the white dot in the center of the ring and then move it up. However, you are going to need to aim it really high up compared to the previous rings. In fact, you’ll have to move it up until you can’t even see the hoop in front of you anymore.

The other method is by taking the cannon closer to the ring and trying it that way. Regardless of your method, try it out and if you mess up, it’s not a problem. Simply adjust the cannon up or down some more.

Fortnite flaming hoops challenge reward

Fortnite flaming hoops fortnite week 10 challenges

Your reward for completing this season eight, week 10 challenge is a simple one: you get five battle stars, enough for half a tier level up.

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