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Fortnite season 8, week 3 challenge guide: Big Mouth

As part of Fortnite season 8, challenges now come in the form of punchards, which are given to you by various NPCs around the map. The way challenges work is virtually the same as before, but they have a different presentation. During week 3 of season 8, you’ll have a new batch of challenges given to you by Big Mouth, a scary-looking creature with a … big mouth.

Big Mouth’s quests are geared toward scavenging, so you’ll need to travel around the map opening chests, ammo crates, and other containers to gather supplies. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about the Toothache questline. These are the Big Mouth challenges and how to complete them in Fortnite.

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Big Mouth challenge list

Big Mouth location in Fortnite.

Toothache Questline

Below are all the quests given by Big Mouth. Keep in mind, you must complete these in order. Big Mouth is found to the north of Corny Crops by the Orchard.

  • Open chests in Steel Farm (2)
  • Search an ice machine (1)
  • Open ammo boxes at Dirty Docks (2)
  • Buy a health item from a mending machine (1)
  • Search a supply drop (1)

Big Mouth challenge guide

Open chests in Steel Farm

Map of Steel Farm chest locations in Fortnite.

Steel Farm is located on the island east of Corny Crops, on the north side. Here, there are three possible chest spawns. If only one of them appears, make sure you quit out and jump back into another match to grab the other. You need to open two total.

Search an ice machine

Map of ice machines in Fortnite.

Ice machines are scattered around the map and are similar to chests. Use the map above to find their locations. You need to open one ice machine for this challenge.

Open ammo boxes at Dirty Docks

Map of ammo boxes at Dirty Docks in Fortnite.

There is no shortage of ammo boxes at Dirty Docks, but if you’re struggling to locate them, you might find the map above useful. All you need are two of them for this challenge.

Buy a health item from a mending machine

Map of mending machines in Fortnite.

You’ll find mending machines in the areas marked on the map above. These spawn in fixed locations around the map and utilize gold bars as payment. Items cost between 25 to 120 gold bars, so grab whichever you can afford to earn credit for this one.

Search a supply drop

Supply Drop in Fortnite.

Supply drops begin spawning toward the end of a match, so your best bet is to play it safe so you can outlast the competition. They appear on the map as blue boxes, so once you see one, start heading toward it. Then, hide nearby in a safe spot as you wait for it to drop down. Survey the surrounding area to ensure you don’t have company with you.

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