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Fortnite season 8, week 5 challenge guide: Ragsy

It’s a new week, which means there are additional Fortnite challenges to check off your punchcard list. For season 8, week 5, you’ll have access to a new NPC named Ragsy, featuring the Shield Techniques Questline. As its name suggests, most of the objectives revolve around using shields, which is a common practice for most players.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Ragsy and how to complete all of the new challenges for the week.

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Ragsy challenge list

Map of Ragsy in Fortnite.

Shield Techniques Questline

As part of season 8, you must visit the specific NPC to start the questline. In this case, Ragsy is found to the west of Corny Crops by a farmhouse. Make sure you talk to Ragsy to begin the quests.

  • Purchase a shield item from a vending machine (1)
  • Consume both a small shield potion and a shield fish (2)
  • Harvest stone from Sideways rocks (50)
  • Use a shield item while in The Sideways (1)
  • Take damage from an enemy player and survive (1)

Ragsy challenge guide

Purchase a shield item from a mending machine (1)

Map of mending machines in Fortnite.

Mending machines are essentially health stations that provide many healing items such as shields and medkits. See the map above for their locations. For this particular questline, we recommend stacking this quest with the others for maximum effectiveness. Once you buy a small shield for 30 gold, hold onto it until one of the later steps.

Consume both a small shield potion and a shield fish (2)

Fishing in Fortnite.

You can collect fish by — you guessed it — fishing. Look out for barrels by bodies of water that contain fishing rods and cast the line into the water. With a little luck, you’ll catch a fish, so continue this process until you get a bite. Then, consume both of them to gain credit for this challenge. It’s best to save one of your small shields for a subsequent step since you’ll need one later on.

Harvest stone from Sideways rocks (50)

Stone in the Sideways in Fortnite.

Next, make your way to The Sideways, which is marked on your map as a large purple and orange circle. These areas change with each match, so make sure you check out your map at the start of a new game to see where it spawns. Once you arrive, look out for the massive stones around the area and smash them with your harvesting tool.

Use a shield item while in The Sideways (1)

The Sideways in Fortnite.

Immediately following that, consume a small shield while inside The Sideways to earn credit for the next quest.

Take damage from an enemy player and survive (1)

Battling a player in Fortnite.

Finally, as you play naturally, you’ll encounter players who will deal damage to you. All you need to do is survive the battle and you’ll earn credit for this one. It helps if you engage with a player from far away so they have less of a chance of actually taking you out. Just make sure you let them shoot you a little first.

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