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‘Fortnite’ update 7.10 lets you channel your inner assassin with new sniper rifle

We know Christmas just passed and you likely have a pile of new video games to play through, but if you’re interested in getting back into the Fortnite groove to win a Victory Royale, the game’s latest update has a few new goodies for you.

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Enter the battle royale mode in Fortnite right now to try out the new Suppressed Sniper Rifle. It functions similarly to other sniper-type weapons in the game already, but the single-shot weapon is much quieter. As a trade-off, it’s also less powerful, so you’ll have to pick your shots carefully if you want to use it effectively. The Suppressed Sniper Rifle will be available in Epic and Legendary variants, and can be found in chests, floor loot, vending machines, and supply drops.

Other changes have been made to several different items, weapons, and vehicles in battle royale. The Six Shooter weapon has been removed, as have several variants of the Burst Assault Rifle. The Dual Pistols, meanwhile, have been added back into the game, and the Dynamite and Boom Box have both have their drop rates reduced. The Boom Box had its health and duration reduced, as well.

The X-4 Stormwing plane has seen its effectiveness reduced significantly, with the vehicle now receiving 50 percent more damage when colliding with structures, and the spawn chance decreasing to 80 percent, among other changes.

Though the 14 Days of Fortnite were scheduled to end already, they have been extended to allow players to enjoy any challenges they missed during that time. Certain popular limited-time modes will also be available to play over the next two weeks, and they appear to be changing every day. If you’re interested in community creations, you can also check out “The Block,” a deathmatch arena made by the player “KojackNumber2.”

Fortnite still shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s even finding great success on platforms not traditionally meant for shooter games. On iOS, the game generated $69 million in revenue for December alone, a nice figure by any standards.

Fortnite is now available with crossplay support on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android. Creative mode and battle royale are available on all platforms, and the original Save the World mode will be going free-to-play in 2019.

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