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Fortnite season 7, week 6 challenge guide: Search for chilly gnomes

Stay festive and find the chilly gnomes in our 'Fortnite' challenge guide

We are now more than halfway done with the wintery season 7 of Fortnite as the week 6 challenges have arrived on Thursday, January 10, in Battle Royale. There is a whole slew of new challenges for players to take on from the recycle of old challenges to a couple of new ones. The big one this week looks to be the Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes challenge which, while technically new, is a callback to an old favorite.

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And if you thought the holidays were over in Fortnite, you’d be wrong — the 14 Days of Fortnite are back for a limited time. Epic Games has extended the event until January 15, allowing players more time to finish the 14 rewardable challenges and bringing back an assortment of unique limited time modes like Food Fight and Slide. In the meantime, we have ourselves a festive frozen Search Chilly Gnomes challenge. Let’s get started.

Fortnite week 6 challenges explained

Week 6 challenges list | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes

There are seven new challenges available for players to take on in Battle Royale this week. As always, four of these challenges are only for players who have the season 7 Battle Pass while three are actually available to everyone for free. If for some reason you aren’t able to grab the challenges this week, you can complete them any time between now and the end of the season, so no need to rush.

Thankfully, for the first time in a couple of weeks, the big challenge this week is one of the free challenges. That’s right, the Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes challenge is one of the three free challenges this week. This is a callback to a similar challenge from last summer where we had to search for some hungry gnomes around the Battle Royale map.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes challenge explained

Explanation | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes season 7

This challenge is similar to its previous incarnation and is, in fact, a little easier, too. The Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes challenge is simple: You need to search the Battle Royale map for seven gnomes to complete the challenge. Thankfully, there are way more than seven of these lawn decorations on the map, so finding them shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

As for actually completing the challenge, we recommend that you do it in Disco Domination or whichever big team mode is currently available for when you read this. At the time of publishing this guide, it’s Disco Domination for us. Doing the big modes allow you to have fewer enemies to worry about and more teammates watching your back. It also gives you an ample amount of time to search for the gnomes.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes: General locations and map

Fortnite season 7 week 6 challenges search for chilly gnomes locations map
Chilly gnomes can be found at the tip of the hats on the gnomes on the map above. Click here to see a bigger version of this map where you can zoom in.

What makes this particular wintery incarnation of the searching for gnomes challenge much easier is that there is only one area you need to look in this time around. Instead of wandering around the whole Battle Royale map, this challenge is relegated to one specific area. The place that we are going to be using for this specific challenge is the snowy biome area that is located in the southwestern quadrant so be sure to land somewhere there.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes: First gnome

Gnome 1 | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes

There are more than a dozen gnomes that we have discovered in the winter biome region on the map. However, we only need seven to complete this challenge. As such, we are going to give you the locations of the seven gnomes that are close together and are not super hard to find. The first one can be found right on top of the mountain just to the south of Tilted Towers.

It is one of the northernmost chilly gnomes and its exact location is right next to the orange-colored RV that is atop the mountain here. You are looking for a garden gnome encased in a block of ice, as seen in the screenshot above. You don’t have to break the ice; all you need to do is approach it and hold to interact with it and you’ll have completed this first part. There are some Quadcrashers typically here so using one of these will get you moving faster to the other gnomes.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes: Second gnome

Gnome 2 | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes

The next location is a little west, a trend you will see in the next few gnomes. You want to head directly west from your current location toward the little group of unnamed buildings that is directly west of Tilted Towers. There is a little hill here that is just to the south of the unnamed buildings.

Head to that hill there and you will find this second gnome. Its exact location is the northwest corner of C6 on the Battle Royale map. Like the first gnome, all you need to do is hold to interact with it and you’re done with this second part.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes: Third gnome

Gnome 3 | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes

Like before, we are going to continue heading west toward the Viking Village. For those who don’t know, this unnamed village is atop a large mountain that you will need to either climb using the path or build a ramp straight upward. Once you arrive in the Viking Village, head to the southeastern edge of the village where this next gnome is found.

Its exact location is on the edge of the Viking Village in B6 on the Battle Royale map.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes: Fourth gnome

Gnome 4 | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes season 7

Once again, continue heading west to find the fourth gnome. As you can see, there isn’t much more space to travel in this direction, so our destination is near Snobby Shores. You aren’t actually trying to go to Snobby Shores, though, but to the little hill that overlooks the suburban neighborhood from the south.

Its exact location on the Battle Royale map is the very top area of A6 on the map. It is right atop the small hill.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes: Fifth gnome

Gnome 5 | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes season 7

We are now more than halfway done with this challenge! Now that we’ve traveled as far as west as possibe, head south from here. Follow the path directly south from Snobby Shores toward Frosty Flights. You will come to a large mountain pretty quickly where the fifth gnome is located.

You need to find your way up the mountain, which isn’t super hard to do, or gather up some materials and build yourself a way up. Now, there is a large truck that is parked atop this mountain on the northern edge. The gnome we are looking for is just to the southwest of this truck. Its exact location is in the middle of some trees in the center-left edge of B7 on the map.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes: Sixth gnome

Gnome 6 | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes season 7

Only have two left to go. If you are heading from the previous gnome, go directly east to the frozen lake where the town is encased in ice. You are looking for the southeast corner of the lake. You don’t want to be above the lake but actually on it.

In the southeastern corner of the frozen lake, there is a little house stuck in the ice. You can only see the roof, which isn’t submerged in the ice. Go behind it and you will find the sixth gnome hidden here. This particular gnome can be a little tricky to get since you are on an icy lake and you slide around rather easily. We recommend standing on the house or building a platform if you’re having trouble stopping.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes: Seventh gnome

Gnome 7 | fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes season 7

The seventh and final chilly gnome we recommend you visit is also to the east of the last one. To be exact, it is slightly to the southeast. It is directly to the east of Polar Peak and just to the south of Shifty Shafts. There is a large hill that can be seen in this area with a massive tree atop it. That is your destination. You can find this chilly gnome on this hill near the tree. Interact with it and you’ll have completed this challenge.

Fortnite Search Chilly Gnomes reward

fortnite week 6 challenges fortnite search chilly gnomes season 7

Your reward for completing this free week 6 challenge is: You get five battle stars. While that isn’t a lot of stars and half of the amount we got for the big challenge last week, it’s enough to at least guarantee you half a tier level up.

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