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How to play the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne beta

How to join the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne beta and hunt an Elder Dragon

We’re less than two weeks away from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but Capcom will let PS4 and Xbox One hunters check out a sampling of the expansion early courtesy of an open beta. In June, Capcom held two beta periods for PS4 users. The upcoming beta lets Xbox One users get in on the action for the first time. If you want to partake in the monster-slaying festivities — and you should since Iceborne is a ton of fun — here’s when the beta starts and how to jump in.

Monster Hunter: Iceborne PS4 beta start/end times:

PS4 users will get the beta first. It’s open to all PS4 owners with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

  • PS4 beta start time: Friday, August 30 at 12:01 a.m. PT
  • PS4 beta end time: Sunday, September 1 at 11:59 p.m. PT

You can preload the PS4 beta starting August 28. We recommend pre-loading if you want to begin hunting right when the beta goes live.

Monster Hunter: Iceborne Xbox One beta start/end times:

Xbox One users can jump into the beta after the PS4 beta ends. Though an open beta, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play.

  • Xbox One beta start time: Monday, September 2 at 12:01 a.m. PT
  • Xbox One beta end time: Wednesday, September 4 at 11:59 p.m. PT

Pre-loading for Xbox One will begin August 28. If you own both consoles, you can of course double up if you want to play throughout the entire beta window.

What’s in the Monster Hunter: Iceborne beta?

For PlayStation 4 users, the new beta will be pretty similar to the first one. Xbox One hunters, on the other hand, will get their first taste of Hoarfrost Reach, the new snowy landmass that serves as the setting for Iceborne’s storyline. Hoarfrost Reach is the largest locale in Monster Hunter World. For this beta, you’ll get to hunt four of the announced large monsters, either solo or online.

  • Great Jagras (already in World)
  • Banbaro (new to Iceborne)
  • Tigrex (featured in previous Monster Hunter games, but not World)
  • Velkhana (new Elder Dragon and the main antagonist of Iceborne)

The opportunity to hunt Velkhana, the cover monster and main antagonist of Iceborne is a pretty enticing way to get PS4 users to return to the beta for a second time. While beta progress won’t carry over to the full game, you can earn up to four commendation packs filled with consumable items to use in the full game.

While on the hunt, you’ll get to try Iceborne‘s new mechanics. The Clutch Claw is a grappling hook that lets you easily mount monsters when in range, and the Slinger lets you strategically guide monsters.

We recommend hunting the four monsters in the order listed above. If you’re having trouble, check out our Iceborne beginner’s guide for tips and tricks and our monsters guide for specific tips for Great Jagras, Banbaro, and Tigrex.

If you like what you play…

Chances are most players who participate in the Iceborne beta already own Monster Hunter World. For those who have played World, you probably want to check your save file to ensure you’re ready for Iceborne when it launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One. It’s expected to launch next January for PC. You need to complete the main story and reach Hunter Rank 16 to access Iceborne content come launch.

Those who already have Monster Hunter World can pre-order a digital copy of the Iceborne expansion for $40. Monster Hunter World is Game Pass eligible on Xbox One/PC, so if you have an active subscription, you can also just buy the expansion.

  • Pre-order Iceborne (PS4)
  • Pre-order Iceborne (Xbox One)
  • Pre-order Iceborne (PC)

If you don’t already have Monster Hunter World, you can pre-order the $60 Master Edition, which comes with the base game and Iceborne.

  • Pre-order Master Edition (PS4)
  • Pre-order Master Edition (Xbox One)

If you’re feeling fancy, you can pre-order the Master Edition Deluxe for $80. It comes with a steelbook case and the following pre-order bonuses: Silver Knight armor set, one face paint and hairstyle, two sticker sets, three gestures, and one room decor item.

  • Pre-order Master Edition Deluxe (PS4)
  • Pre-order Master Edition Deluxe (Xbox One)

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