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How to put your PS5 in Rest Mode

There are benefits to setting your PlayStation 5 system to Rest Mode, putting the console to sleep without shutting it down completely. This is different than turning it off (which can also come in handy), so you'll want to be aware of how Rest Mode works.




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Here, we'll walk you through how to put your system into Rest Mode, with a breakdown of the benefits of doing so.

How to put your PS5 into Rest Mode

First, we'll cover how to actually place your system into Rest Mode. Doing so will not cut power from the console completely, but instead will allow it to run certain functions in the background while consuming less electricity.

Step 1: While the system is on, press the PS button on the DualSense controller. This will bring up a menu from the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Navigate all the way to the right to the Power option, indicated by a power button icon. Select it by pressing the X button.

Menu allowing you to place PS5 into Rest Mode.

Step 3: This will bring up the Power menu. The first option is Enter Rest Mode. Select this and it will place the PS5 system into Rest Mode. That's all there is to it!

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Benefits of using Rest Mode

In many cases, using Rest Mode is better than shutting the system off completely. This is because certain functions work in the background while the system is in Rest Mode. For instance, Rest Mode consumes less power than leaving your system on, as most of its features are disabled. You can also charge your DualSense controllers (and other devices) while in Rest Mode, preventing you from coming back to dead accessories. Rest Mode also allows games to automatically update in the background, meaning you can dive into your favorite games as soon as you come back. Likewise, keeping your system in Rest Mode gives you the ability to install games via the PlayStation app or website, initiating downloads from afar. Speaking of which, you can even launch Remote Play from a PS5 in Rest Mode, allowing you to play games from a smartphone or PS Vita without even being next to your system.

Reasons not to put your system into Rest Mode

If you plan on performing any sort of maintenance on your system or unplugging it for any reason, shutting down the PS5 entirely is recommended. Otherwise, if you cut power without turning it off properly, you could risk losing data or even corrupting the system's memory. In addition, if you're experiencing any software issues with the PS5 (such as glitches or freezing), it's recommended to power down rather than utilizing Rest Mode to ensure a full reset occurs.

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