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Kena: Bridge of Spirits: All Spirit Mail locations

All you need to do is take one look at Kena: Bridge of Spirits to know that it will be an adventure full of fantastical elements. This game, the first from team Ember Labs, could easily be confused with the latest Dreamworks or Pixar film, but is a fully playable experience. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve, calling back to classic titles to inspire its combat, exploration, and structure, and yet weaves them all together in a world and narrative all its own. The result is an experience that feels like a highly polished game from the past, but looks like something from the future.

Kena’s quest will set her in a large world to explore looking for a mountain shrine. On the way, she will obviously encounter many hurdles and obstacles, but also diversions. Chief among those distractions are the various collectibles to uncover, such as the Spirit Mail items. These are tucked away in areas you would not likely venture to naturally, and held in golden sacks. Once they’re collected, you can deliver these mystical messages to their recipients via the corresponding mailbox outside their houses for various rewards. There are only 10 in total for you to find, but they’re quite tricky to track down. Here are all the Spirit Mail locations in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

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We’ll break down the guide based on location for each specific piece of Spirit Mail you need to find and deliver. Once you have the spirit mail, the house you need to deliver it to will be marked on your map for easy access. In addition to the treasures, hats, and other rewards you get for each message you successfully deliver, you will also get the “The Last Stop” trophy when you deliver them all. So, small spoilers ahead.

Spirit Mail #1: The Village

Kena running through a village.

This first piece of Spirit Mail is right in the center village. Standing at the Village Center area on the map, go up the stairs beside the hat vendor that lead to Taro’s Tree. There will be several houses here, but look for the one that is all boarded up. Circle around this one to find a large barrel you can move with your Rot, and drag it over to a circle beside the house. Once placed, use it to jump up and onto the roof, then down inside, and find the glowing gold sack containing the Spirit Mail on a shelf in the corner.

Spirit Mail #2: Rusu Mountain cliffs

On your way to Rusu Mountain, you will have to climb up various parts of the terrain. Once you come across two paths along some ledges, before you hit the broken bridge, take the right side path you can shimmy across that leads around the cliff face and not into the cave. The Spirit Mail will be right around the corner on a small ledge.

Spirit Mail #3: The Forgotten Forest

Kena draws back her bow in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

The fastest way to reach this next letter is to fast travel to the Water Shrine inside the Forgotten Forest. Once you arrive, make sure the Water Shrine is cleansed so you can use the Forest Tear to remove the corruption around the back of the ruins just to your right. This will allow you to access a big stone slab you can have your Rot move for you. Have them carry it back near the fast travel point and place it next to a cracked wall next to a pile of hay. Climb your new platform up, use the blue flower to teleport part way up, quickly spinning around to see the second one you need to shoot, and then repeat that process one last time to finally reach a ledge high up in the trees with the Spirit Mail resting on top.

Spirit Mail #4: The God Tree Shrine in Forgotten Forest

Start your trek up to the God Tree Shrine in the Forgotten Forest until you carefully edge your way around some ledges. Keep your eye on the bottom of the screen during this section for a branch that you can drop down to off the ledge. From here, use your arrow to teleport to the blue flower across the gap and follow the path on this side. At the end is the sack containing this next Spirit Mail to deliver.

Spirit Mail #5: The Storehouse

Head to the middle of the Storehouse area and find the house that’s covered in Deadzone flowers. First, find the glowing rocks on the ground outside that you can use a Spirit Bomb on to make platforms to use. Hop up and use a second bomb to hit another set of rocks sticking out of the wall. Keep climbing up, dealing with a few enemies that appear, until you reach the Deadzone Heart. Destroy it, removing the flowers, and allowing you access to the building. Now just head inside and grab the Spirit Mail.

Spirit Mail #6: The Forge

Kena stands on a mountain with her friends in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

While you’re exploring the Forge, starting from the fast travel point, take the path on your left that runs along a cliff. Pass over some roots to follow the path to an underground area. Look up to spot the glowing flower bud you can hit with an arrow to make a Forest Tear, and then use a Spirit Bomb on the rocks to complete the broken bridge. Once the bridge is complete, use the Forest Tear to move a giant boulder off the side, causing the water to rise. Hop in the pool and swim over along the left side, toward the sun, down a path to the golden satchel.

Spirit Mail #7: Village Heart

In the section of Village Heart that’s not underground, take the bridge with the Cursed Chest on it and head right to the decrepit house at the end. This Spirit Mail is just inside floating on a workbench.

Spirit Mail #8: The Village Heart cave

Now head to the entrance to the cave leading underground in Village Heart, but don’t go through the main entrance. Instead, look for an opening on the left side that leads toward daylight. Once outside, head right and spot the breakable wall. Use your Spirit Bomb on the glowing rocks sticking out of the wall to make a platform you can use to reach it. Break the wall, and a flower will spawn that you can use to teleport to, but be ready to immediately leap to the ledge so you don’t fall. Climb up, follow the path to the breakable wall, destroy it with your Spirit Bomb, and reveal the collectible hidden behind it.

Spirit Mail #9: The Village Mask Maker Path

Kena standing in front of a red flower.

We’re all the way back at the beginning now, in the Village, but this Spirit Mail requires you to have the Dash ability, which you don’t get until you complete all the main missions in both the Fields and Village Heart zones. Once you can dash, go to the Mask Maker path, to the northwest of the Village center. Continue on this path until you hit a bridge flanked by rows of buildings. Go to the back of the buildings directly opposite the bridge and keep your eyes peeled for an arrow painted on the ground directing you toward a specific doorway. Follow the arrow’s direction, head up the stairs inside, and jump across the pit.

From here, teleport to the flower and follow this new path all the way to the top of the building. Sitting on a table beside the railing is the penultimate Spirit Mail.

Spirit Mail #10: The Village Warrior Path

Again, this final Spirit Mail requires you to have unlocked the Dash ability. With it, go to the Warrior Path, which is to the southeast of the Village center. After passing through the docks, go through a series of portals until you end up in the area where you would find the Storehouse on. From here, climb up the platforms, pulling yourself up the ledge at the top, and launch a Spirit Bomb all the way down on some glowing rocks to enable you to reach a teleport flower.

Take this new path ahead, but be ready for a small fight. Once the enemies are dispatched, dash through the portal waiting for you into an open area with the Spirit Mail floating beside a treasure chest. If you’ve gotten all of them up to this point, you’ll unlock your “The Last Stop” trophy.

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