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The best jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Jobs, classes, roles — whatever you want to call them — have been a staple in JRPGs like Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth for decades at this point. Where this game changes things up from your normal warriors, mages, and monks is that it comes with jobs like Aquanot, Cabbie, and Housekeeper. They don’t sound all that exciting, but each one has a unique set of abilities that can totally change how that character fits into your battle strategy. Even though your ragtag group of heroes aren’t exactly qualified to most (or any) jobs, you have access to a massive list to pick from and level up individually. If you’re trying to make the best team composition without grinding to level them all to know which is best, we’ve reviewed every job’s résumé to present you the top candidates.

Best jobs

You will be stuck with each character’s default job until you make it to Chapter 5 and are taken to the Alo-Happy tour location. Provided you have high enough levels in a particular personality trait, you can pay to go on a tour that results in you learning a new job. Keep in mind that some jobs are locked until later than this in the game, and others can only be used by party members of a specific gender.


Ichiban as a samurai in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Let’s start out with a job focusing on damage. The Samurai’s stat ratings are clearly designed for damage per seceond, which you need in every party. It has good HP and MP at a 3 rating, but a 5/5 in attack and 4/5 in defense. In terms of utility, you won’t be simply limited to sword attacks and skills — those certainly are there — but you will access to guns as well. This allows you to hit an extra weakness if needed, as well as get around the job’s low agility stat. Give this one to your heavy hitters like Ichiban or Kiryu to really take advantage of it.

Desperado (male only)

Ichiban dressed as a cowboy in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Speaking of guns, why not double down on them? With the Desperado job, you never have to worry about range or positioning all that much. It has a 5/5 MP rating, and great 4/5 on attack as well, so you will have plenty of chances to use its abilities. You get a few that can wipe out small fry in a single turn, but the one that makes this class almost too powerful is Essence of High Noon. You don’t get it until rank 24, but it can spur a one-shot kill on enemies that are inflicted with a status effect. Just try and keep at the back with this class since you are vulnerable to almost all damage types.

Idol (female only)

Two Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth heroes perform a tag team attack.

The Idol was one of the best jobs in the first game, and it’s just as strong in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. This job is all about support, with almost all their skills either giving your team buffs or heals. Naturally, this makes whoever is using this class kind of worthless in terms of attack (it only has a 2/5 rating), but that’s what you have your Samurai and Desperado for. Healing items are fine, but a dedicated healer who can restore multiple party members’ HP at once can save you from defeat more than once.


Chitose dancing in a skirt in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Last up, for a magic-focused class that has a bit more offensive punch, don’t overlook the Geodancer. You could go with the Housekeeper for this role as well, but we like the Geodancer since it has better MP ratings and defense. It will give you a nice mix of healing skills alongside attacks that can self-buff or debuff your enemies. You can also get this job as early as Chapter 5, so you can start leveling it up right away.

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The best weapons in Lords of the Fallen
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While you technically could get through a game like Lords of the Fallen bare-handed and wearing no armor, most people will have a far better experience using real weapons and armor. Weapons in particular are key to soulslikes since the weapon you want, or at least the type, is key to how you will want to build your character and distribute your stats. Just like a FromSoftware game, every weapon has different stat requirements and scaling grades that make some objectively better than others. While it isn't terribly difficult to compare the weapons you find, Lords of the Fallen gets crazy with just how many different weapons there are across all the different types. Rather than build using the wrong stats for a weapon that will be outclassed, here are some of the best weapons in Lords of the Fallen for any build.
The best weapons in Lords of the Fallen

With hundreds of weapons across all the different types, we've narrowed our list down to some of the best that cover all the major builds you would consider running.
Pieta's Sword
Swords are going to be one of the most popular weapon types in this game. Not only are they kind of the default weapon for soulslikes, but Lords of the Fallen has an almost overwhelming number of them to pick from. This shortsword can be purchased fairly easily from Molhu at the Remembrance of Pieta for 40 Umbral Scourings. This is a boss weapon that comes from none other than Pieta herself and is one of the best zoning swords in the game. It is made for Radiance builds, and comes with the Smite status effect of 100. You need your Radiance stat to be 25 or higher to wield it, and it scales starting at a C and ends at an A- rank with that same stat after upgrades.
Hallowed Praise
To throw a second short sword into the mix for consideration, we turn to another early-game option. Unlike the last pick, this sword is more traditional and works best for agility-focused builds, but with the added effect of 80 Bleed on each hit for some spice. You only need 12 Agility to equip it, again making it great early on, and it scales starting at C, but can go up to A with Agility.
Despite the name, Bloodlust actually isn't as focused on Bleed as Hallowed Praise. That said, it has both 60 Bleed and Burn damage on hit. What pushes this to a top-tier sword, though, is the special effect of restoring a small amount of HP for each kill. You'll need to build to at least level 3 in both Agility and Inferno to use it, but it's more than worth it. Bloodlust scales with both Agility and Inferno, starting at a C in both and ending at an A-.
Hushed Saint's Halberd
Polearms are a more niche choice, but those who know how to handle them are almost untouchable. The Hushed Saint's Halberd is another weapon you should save up to buy from Molhu for 20 Umbral Scourings if you are going for a Strength and Agility build. It admittedly doesn't scale as high as other weapons on this list, but it does come with an insane 150 Poison effect that can easily make up for the lack of raw damage. You'll need a decent 19 Strength and 16 Agility to make use of it, and its dual scaling for those stats starts at C and D, but works up to B+ and C+, respectively.
Iron Wayfarer's Hammer
Another boss weapon that you can claim, this time by beating the Iron Wayfarer, is that character's hammer. If you are anything like us, seeing how deftly this boss utilized it against you will inspire you to try it out for yourself, and boy is it worth it. If you're using a Strength build, this could be the last weapon you ever need. It will take a huge 31 Strength to even hold, but this is a powerhouse. Despite scaling with Strength, Agility, Radiance, and Inferno, you really only need to pay attention to Strength. It starts at a B- but turns into an S by the time you hit +9 with it, while all other characteristics only go from E to D at best.
Charm of Fortune's Sight
We haven't forgotten you mage builds out there! Sure, catalysts aren't technically "weapons" in the strict definition, but they serve essentially the same purpose for spellcasters. Again, pay a visit to everyone's favorite vendor Molhu in Skyrest to buy it off him. What's so special about this catalyst in particular is that it lets you use four different spell types at once, in addition to boosting their power. You will need to be a bit of a mixed build as it requires 12 Radiance and Inferno, which are the two stats it scales with as well. To start, you get C- scaling in both, but end up with B when at +9.
Bow of the Convert
Spellcasters might be a small percentage of players, but archers are even less popular. However, they're a completely viable build in Lords of the Fallen, especially with the Bow of the Convert. Just looking at the stats, it might not seem all that special, but it has an 80 in Bleed, Burn, Poison, and Frostbite. If you add on elemental arrows, you're likely to hit an unsuspecting enemy with four or five status effects in a single shot. You only need 16 Agility to equip this bow, and the scaling isn't even that bad once you upgrade it. It starts at a C and ends at a B+.

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