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Mario Party: How to unlock No Koopa and No Boo

For as fun as Mario Party is, there's no denying that there are plenty of opportunities for that fun to be cut short. Whether it be a random roll of the dice or the actions of another player, Mario Party always tries to keep the game interesting by allowing for major changes in who is in the lead and who is lagging behind. Most of these mechanics are integral to the game. However, there are two in particular that you can actually toggle if you want.



What You Need

  • Complete Party Mode

  • Collect over 1,000 coins total

No Koopa and No Boo are two unlockable settings in Mario Party that many players might never have known existed. Both of these can make the game a little more skill-based, but they aren't available right away. In fact, the way to unlock them is never explained, and if you only play the main game mode with friends and family, which is by far the best way to play Mario Party, then you could potentially never get them. If you want to customize your party experience in Mario Party, here's how to unlock No Koopa and No Boo.

Yoshi about to push down a plunger.

How to unlock No Koopa

Koopa Troopa plays a very different role in Mario Party compared to the rest of the series. In most future entries he runs the bank, where he will take five coins from any player that passes the space. If you land directly on the bank space, though, you collect all the coins in the bank gathered so far. In this first entry, he stands at the beginning of every board and acts like the Go space in Monopoly. Each time you pass by him, he gives that player 10 coins.

With No Koopa active, he won't be present on any board, thus not giving any players 10 coins for circling the board. Here's how you can unlock this mode.

Step 1: Complete Party Mode.

Step 2: Collect at least 500 coins from playing.

Step 3: Visit the Mushroom Shop and purchase No Koopa.

How to unlock No Boo

Boo is a very contentious space in all Mario Party games, but he's perhaps at his worst in the first game. Just like future entries, passing a Boo space will give players the option of stealing coins or a star from other players. However, unlike later games, stealing coins is free. Thankfully it does cost 50 coins to steal a star, but Boo is quite overpowered in this first game.

Just like No Koopa, turning on No Boo will remove Boo spaces from whatever board you're playing on. Here's how to get it.

Step 1: Complete Party Mode.

Step 2: Collect at least 500 coins from playing.

Step 3: Visit the Mushroom Shop and purchase No Boo.

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