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MultiVersus Season 1 will kick off next week after initial delay

MultiVersus has announced the new start date for Season 1, which will begin on August 15.

We’re excited to announce Season 1 will begin on August 15 with a brand-new Battle Pass for you to earn in-game rewards! We can also confirm Morty will join the character roster on August 23 as part of Season 1. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks! #MultiVersus

— MultiVersus (@multiversus) August 11, 2022

Originally scheduled to begin earlier this month, Season 1 of the new free-to-play platform fighter MultiVersus was delayed to an unknown time. As part of the delay, the pre-season had been extended to August 15. The fighter had enjoyed a huge surge of players during the beta and pre-season releases, reaching upward of 10 million players within the first three weeks, as well as hosting its first tournament during EVO 2022.

This latest tweet from the official MultiVersus account has confirmed that the first official season will begin on August 15, at which point the new Battle Pass will become available. However, while it was previously planned for the newest character, Morty of Rick and Morty, to join at the beginning of Season 1, he has been delayed until August 23.

A follow-up tweet also mentions that not all new content promised for Season 1 will become available on day one. This includes new modes, such as the advertised Classic Arcade Mode and Ranked Mode. It concludes by saying “We’ll continue to share dates on all the fun things to come!”

MultiVersus has enjoyed a massive swell of support from the community thus far, which can largely be attributed to the developers’ dedication to fan feedback and quick updates. While it was slightly disappointing to hear Season 1 was delayed, it was only weeks after a new character had been added, and the delay turned out to only be less than a week long. If the team is able to keep up this pace with new content, MultiVersus could very well enjoy a long and healthy lifecycle.

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