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How to beat the Nightweaver in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has a smorgasbord of unique and punishing boss encounters to push through if you want to see everything in its Soulslike world, but few are as frenetic and occasionally jarring as the Nightweaver. The showdown against this nightmarish foe caps off a long and unsettling trek through Losomn’s creepy Sanatorium. If you’ve come across her and find yourself struggling with her rapid movement and constant barrage of attacks, we’ll offer some tips here that might help you make it through the fight alive.

How to beat the Nightweaver in Remnant 2

The Nightweaver is located in Losomn within The Tormented Asylum. She’s one of Remnant 2‘s most challenging bosses due to how fast and erratically she moves around the battlefield. It doesn’t help that she has multiple phases throughout different areas of the Sanatorium, eventually making for a very claustrophobic fight once you reach the interior.

At the beginning of the fight, you’ll be outside the Sanatorium facing down the Nightweaver as she flies around in various directions, which can make her difficult to hit. During this first phase, the biggest things to look out for are her Spectral Lunge and Icy Spikes attacks. The former is telegraphed by her ascending into the air and beginning to dive, at which point she’ll begin swiping viciously in your direction until she reaches you – but careful timing can help you dodge right through her attack to survive the onslaught. The latter is a ranged homing attack, meaning you’ll have to either strafe left or right to avoid them or dive out of their way.

Keep shooting the Nightweaver while dodging these attacks to find that she eventually uses an ability wherein she holds up her heart and summons minions. During this part of the fight, it’s imperative that you focus fire on the heart to dish out as much damage as possible.

  • Note that if you manage to destroy the Nightweaver’s heart during her summoning phase, you’ll earn Nightweaver’s Finger, which can be taken to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft a melee weapon called Nightshade. There are some ways this can be ruined for you, though, so read on for more info.

After a while, the Nightweaver will collapse to the ground, at which point you can approach her. Unfortunately, she’s not yet dead, and the game will quickly thrust you into her second phase, which takes place entirely within the interior of the Sanatorium. This phase is significantly harder than her first due to the limited space and the fact that she can crawl at you very quickly to dish out a lot of damage very quickly.

A gunslinger shooting a glowing wraith.
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The most difficult part of this second phase is simply finding and damaging the Nightweaver, as she can now disappear and reappear through the walls of the Sanatorium. You should personally aim to stay away from the walls altogether, though, because she’s able to reach through them and grab you for what is highly likely to be an instant kill, at which point you’ll have to start the fight all the way over from the beginning.

Luckily, most of her melee attacks during this phase are heavily telegraphed, meaning that you usually have time to just dodge out of the way. However, you need to be on the lookout for her grabs, such as when she ascends and begins to glow blue. When this happens, wait for a moment and roll directly into her right before she strikes to avoid the attack. If you get grabbed by this attack, she’ll steal your heart as her own, which will reset your progress toward the aforementioned Nightweaver’s Finger alternate drop.

You may need to wander around the Sanatorium some to find her during this phase, and it’s probably a good idea that you use your heaviest firepower every chance you see her, as she won’t stay visible for long in most cases. But after enough damage is done to her, she’ll finally fall for good, granting you the Cursed Dream Silks, which you can take to McCabe in Ward 13 to exchange for the Nightfall gun.

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