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PlayStation makes a big esports play with latest acquisition

Sony has acquired the esports platform, a site that hosts leaderboard tournaments and tracks player performance.

In a statement to, Steven Roberts, Sony vice president of global competitive gaming said: “At PlayStation, our vision for esports has always been about breaking down barriers for gamers to compete at all levels.”

“ was designed to enable new tournament formats that are easy to enter and scalable to millions of players,” added CEO Aaron Fletcher. “We’re thrilled to join the PlayStation team and work together to enhance the variety of tournament experiences gamers can enjoy, regardless of their skill level.”

Repeat is excited to announce we are now a part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment family, the home of @PlayStation and many amazing game studios.

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— – Tournaments (@Repeatgg) July 18, 2022

Jeff Shull, digital marketing and growth manager at, said that joining PlayStation will give the platform access to more resources, game titles, and technology, thus allowing it to grow further. He clarifies that the platform will not be limited to only supporting PlayStation and that the gaming community comes first.

“We will continue to support PC, mobile, and other consoles alongside PlayStation,” says Shull in a statement. “This includes the addition of the most popular competitive game titles, regardless of what platform they are available on.”

While mostly known for its extensive single-player exclusive titles nowadays, PlayStation has been more active in the esports industry recently. The company acquired Evo, the fighting game tournament, last March.

In addition to that strategic push, Sony has committed to launching at least 10 live service titles by 2026. It acquired Bungie and Haven this year, with the latter’s first game to be a live service one. Sony’s investment in these live services synergizes well with its venture into the esports space.

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