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How to get shiny statues in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl review and
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The best part of the current string of Pokémon remakes is how faithful they are to the originals. They give old school fans a nearly identical experience to what those classic games were, although, with some quality of life improvements and an obvious graphical upgrade that also allows new fans an easy way to experience some of the series' most beloved entries. The latest pair of remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, stick to that formula but have expanded on some features in very natural ways.




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What You Need

  • Access to the Grand Underground

The Grand Underground was a simple concept in the original games, but has been retooled and evolved into a zone you can easily spend hours diving into. What makes it so alluring are the unique Pokémon to find there, and the new mechanics introduced in the Secret Base. You're free to decorate this space however you wish, including the ability to display statues of different Pokémon you find. Just like Pokémon themselves, there also exist Shiny Statues, which are just as hard to get as the real thing. You'll want these pristine statues for more than just decorations, however. Here's how you can get your hands on Shiny Statues in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl grand underground guide
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What do Shiny Statues do?

If you're familiar with the concept of the rare Shiny Pokémon, the same idea roughly translates to Shiny Statues. Regular statues, in short, will influence the chances of encountering Pokémon that share the same type as the statues you place in your Secret Base while in the Grand Underground. The more statues you put up of that same type, the higher the chances.

Shiny Statues can be identified by being a reflective green color instead of the normal stone gray. However, they, unfortunately, do not have a direct impact on encountering real Shiny Pokémon. Instead, Shiny Statues have the exact same effect as a regular statue, only with each one having a greater effect, roughly double that of a regular statue. That means you can maximize your space when setting up your Secret Base by putting down as many Shiny Statues as possible for the most efficient boost.

How to get Shiny Statues

While Shiny Statues don't directly relate to Shiny Pokémon, they are almost as hard to come by. While the odds are low normally, there are ways you can guarantee your chances to find them while hunting for Shiny Statues.

Step 1: Fill up your Diglett meter. By encountering Digletts while exploring the Grand Underground, you can collect pink sparkles that will fill up a meter located under your map. The meter goes from 0 to 40, with each Diglett you find adding one to the count — and a Dugtrio adding three. Once the meter is filled, you will get a message that states, "Something good may happen in the Grand Underground!"

pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl grand underground guide
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Step 2: Dig up a Gorgeous Stone Box. While the effect of your Diglett meter is active, which lasts for about four minutes, you will be guaranteed to get a Gorgeous Stone Box while digging for fossils. Locate the nearest dig site and play the mini-game, specifically aiming to find and retrieve the Gorgeous Stone Box. These look like purple boxes with a symbol on them related to what type the Pokémon statue will be and are 3x3 in size on the mini-game grid.

During this four-minute time period, if you're very fast and efficient, you may be able to dig up to six Gorgeous Stone Boxes before the time expires.

Step 3: Open your box! Gorgeous Stone Boxes always have a Shiny Statue inside, so claim your prize and set it in your base!

pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl grand underground guide
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Step 4: Repeat. There are over 200 Shiny Statues to collect in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, so you can spend plenty of time hunting them down to find all your favorites.

Step 5: An optional way you can speed up the entire process is to play with another person in the Grand Underground. When there's more than one person in the game, you will both share the Diglett meter rather than each having your own. That can make the time it takes to fill it up go much quicker than hunting for them alone.

While you can technically find Shiny Statues naturally, the odds are so low that, even alone, it is more time-efficient to hunt down Digletts and Dugtrios to ensure you can dig out a Gorgeous Stone Box while fossil hunting. The process isn't complicated but can be time-consuming.

Also, note that more Shiny Statues will become available to find once you unlock the National Pokédex after beating the main game, giving you even more reason to hunt them down!

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