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PlayStation owners get Horizon Zero Dawn and nine other games free this spring

Sony is giving PlayStation owners 10 free games as part of its spring Play at Home program. The impressive list of freebies includes Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, The Witness, and standout PSVR titles like Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Sony’s Play at Home initiative began last April as a way to motivate fans to stay inside at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sony revived the program last month by offering players a free download of Ratchet & Clank for a limited time. Sony is now upping the ante for March and April with even more games.

The big news is that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition will be free to download starting on April 19. Players can grab it from then until May 18. The Complete Edition includes the full game, as well as the Frozen Wilds expansion.

On March 25, players can grab nine other freebies, including some top-tier indies. Chief among those are The Witness and Enter The Gungeon, which are two of 2016’s best indies. The list also includes rhythm game Rez Infinite and two underwater games: Subnautica and Abzu.

PSVR owners can add four games to their library, including Astro Bot Rescue Mission. The platformer is a predecessor to PlayStation 5 launch title Astro’s Playroom and one of the best exclusives available on the platform. Moss, Paper Beast, and Thumper will be available to download as well.

That list of games will be available to download until April 22. PlayStation owners can also grab a free Funimation trial up until that date as well.

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Giovanni Colantonio
Giovanni is a writer and video producer focusing on happenings in the video game industry. He has contributed stories to…
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