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Spidey is way funnier in the international trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

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The International trailer (below) for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features some bits not found in the trailer released last week, including a funnier side of Spider-Man.

It’s not uncommon for a studio to release different trailers for different audiences. This trailer, featuring Dutch subtitles, shows a slightly different side to Spider-Man than the trailer we recently scoured for hints. Mostly the difference is in the tone.

From the music to the dialogue, the most notable difference between the two trailers is that Peter Parker/Spider-Man is funnier and seems to enjoy being Spider-Man more. It starts with Spidey crowing that he loves being Spider-Man, includes a gag with Aunt May, and then goes on to show New York City expressing its love for Spidey, including a cute little kid in a Spidey costume. It also shows Peter and Gwen in an adorable fight.

Beyond that though, there is one important piece of dialogue from Chris Cooper, who plays Norman Osborn, claiming that “we” have plans for Peter Parker. There is also more of a hint that Electro is working with others, as he tells someone “let’s go catch a spider.” No real surprise there, but new dialogue nonetheless.

The rest of the trailer shows new sides of the same scenes as before. We saw Electro and Spidey fighting in Times Square, but the new clip offers a few different glimpses of that brawl, including a new nickname Spidey gives Electro.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, 2014. It was also recently confirmed that the series will spin off a handful of other movies, possibly beginning with Venom and then The Sinister Six.

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