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Super Mario Maker 2: How to unlock all Mii Maker outfits

Your Super Mario Maker 2 Mii Maker avatar starts as a basic figure. Instead of being discouraged by its appearance, think of it as having a blank slate that you can fully customize. There is a plethora of apparel and accessories to customize your avatar, but you will have to work for it. You have to overcome certain feats to access this variation of customization choices.

You can easily obtain access to a few customizations. All you have to do is complete the Super Mario Maker 2 course. Remember that many other unlocks have time restrictions, like the Thwomp Onesie, making users finish at least 500 courses before gaining access.

Players can find a comprehensive list of every Super Mario Maker 2 Mii outfit and accessory known to man. This allows you to examine your options, see what’s available, and understand how to access them. A team of Mario Maker 2 fans on Reddit worked together to develop this handy list.

If you’re interested in learning more tips and tricks for playing Super Mario Maker 2, we highly recommend that you read through our convenient guide playing co-op. We also encourage you to check out our detailed explanation on how to unlock the two secret power-ups.

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Unlockable full outfits

Image used with permission by copyright holder

There are a few Mii Maker unlockables that are full outfits, such as the Builder Mario outfit that unlocks after you finish Story Mode. Check out the list below for all the outfits and how you can unlock them.

  • Bowser Suit: Win two multiplayer versus matches in a row
  • Builder Mario Outfit: Complete Story Mode
  • Cat Mario Suit: Play 100 different courses
  • Doctor Outfit: Achieve B rank in multiplayer versus
  • Fancy Tuxedo/Top Hat: Earn a silver medal with spikes
  • Googoo Onesie: Like 1 Course
  • Luigi Outfit: Achieve C Rank in multiplayer versus
  • Koopa Troopa Suit: Earn 1 Bronze Medal in Multiplayer Versus
  • Magikoopa Robes: Clear 10 courses in multiplayer co-op
  • Mario Outfit: Play 1,000 courses in Course World
  • Princess Peach Tennis Outfit: Give Toadette 1000 coins in Story Mode and complete Princess Peach’s third job
  • Matrimony Dress: Earn a Bronze Ribbon in Course World
  • Midnight Dress: Play 3,000 Courses in Course World
  • Princess Peach Dress: Finish Princess Peach’s job – Let’s Go, Builder Mario! – in Story Mode
  • Princess Peach Tennis Outfit: Finish Princess Peach’s job in Super Mario Bros. W1-1? in Story Mode
  • Propeller Mario Outfit: Clear 500 Courses in Course World
  • Robot Suit: Complete every level in Story Mode
  • Rosalina Dress: Clear 3,000 Courses in Course World
  • Royal Attire: Earn a gold medal with spikes
  • Superball Mario Suit: Complete the level “Spiny Shell Smashers” for Purple Toad in Story Mode
  • Yoshi Outfit: Complete 100 courses in multiplayer co-op

Unlockable clothes

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Below is a list of all individual pieces of Mii clothing, from hats, pants, and shirts, along with how to unlock them. Thanks to IGN for uncovering the rest of the list.

  • ? Block Hoodie: Earn 1 Bronze Medal in Endless Challenges
  • 1-Up Hoodie: Unlocked immediately
  • Angry Sun Shirt: Complete 10 levels in Endless Challenge on Normal difficulty (high score)
  • Artsy Corduroys: Unlocks from user feedback on created levels (unclear how much feedback is required)
  • Banzai Bill Shirt: Comment on a user-created level in Course World
  • Big Spender Shorts: Complete 100 courses in Course World
  • Black Short-Shorts: Unlocked immediately
  • Block Hoodie: Earn a bronze medal
  • Blockstripe Shirt: Unlocks when someone comments on one of your courses
  • Bouncy Shirt: Unlocks after one of your courses is played 1,000 times
  • Bouncy Skirt: Have one of your Courses reach 1,000 plays online
  • Bowser Headpiece: Win a consecutive Multiplayer Versus match
  • Bowser Jr. Headpiece: Complete 10 levels in Endless Challenge on Easy difficulty (high score)
  • Builder Hard Hat: Rebuild Peach’s Castle in Story Mode
  • Burner Skirt: Complete a course in multiplayer co-op
  • Cat Mario Headgear: Play 100 Courses
  • Cheep-Cheep Hat: Unlocks after users play one of your courses 500 times
  • Chomp Dog Shirt: Achieve 100 first-clears in Course World (be the first to complete a course)
  • Cloudless: Complete 10 levels in Endless Challenge on Expert difficulty (high score)
  • Cloudwalker: Complete 100 levels in Endless Challenge on Expert difficulty (high score)
  • Denim Jeans: Unlocked immediately
  • Denim Skirt: Unlocked immediately
  • Doctor Headgear: Reach Rank B in Versus Multiplayer
  • Doorduroy Jeans: Earn 5,000 Maker Points
  • Faceplant: Complete 100 courses in Endless Challenge on Normal difficulty (high score)
  • Fancy Top Hat: Earn a Silver Ribbon in Course World
  • Fireworks Shirt: Complete five multiplayer versus matches consecutively
  • Fish Bone Shirt: Simply upload a course to Course World
  • Fried Chicken Headgear: Earn 7,000 Maker Points
  • Frog Cap: Complete all of Soundfrog’s jobs in Story Mode
  • Hot Hot Shirt: Be the first to complete a course 10 times (first world record)
  • Hoverclown: Complete 10 courses in Endless Challenge on Super Expert difficulty (high score)
  • I-Like-You Camisole: Unlocked when someone “likes” one of your courses
  • Kuribo Shoe: Unlocks after one of your courses is played 5,000 times
  • Laughing Shirt: Achieve A rank in multiplayer versus
  • Luigi Cap: Reach Rank C in Multiplayer Versus matches
  • Magikoopa Hat (Kamek Hat): Clear 10 Courses in Multiplayer Co-op
  • Mario Cap: Play 1,000 courses
  • Mario Swim Trunks: Set 100 world records in Course World
  • Matrimony Dress: Earn bronze medal with spikes
  • Mushroom Hairclip: Win 10 consecutive Multiplayer Versus matches
  • Nintendo Shirt: Unlocked immediately
  • Nintendo Uniform: Achieve S rank in multiplayer versus
  • Parent-and-Child Skirt: Clear a course no one has completed yet
  • Partrick Shirt: Complete all of Partrick’s jobs in Story Mode
  • Peapod Barrette: Clear 10,000 Courses in Course World
  • Peapod Shirt: Reach a high score of 100 in Endless Challenge (Super Expert)
  • Pipe Hat: Set a first-world record
  • Pipe Skirt: Set 10 world records in Course World
  • Platform Skirt: Complete 10 courses in Endless Challenge on Expert (high score)
  • Princess Peach Dress: Complete a job for Princess Peach in Story Mode
  • Princess Peach Wig: Complete Princess Peach’s second job in Story Mode
  • Propeller Hat: Clear 500 courses in Course World
  • Refreshing Shirt: Complete all of Mr. Eraser’s jobs in Story Mode
  • Reset Dress: Complete all of Undodog’s jobs in Story Mode
  • Robot Cap: Complete every course in Story Mode (without using Luigi)
  • Rocky Wrench Manhole Cover: Earn a silver medal
  • Rosalina Wig: Clear 3,000 Courses in Course World
  • Royal Crown: Earn a Gold Ribbon in Course World
  • Running Shirt: Have one of your Courses reach 2,000 plays online
  • Shorts of Doom: Win a multiplayer versus match
  • Shy Cap: Unlocks when one of your courses is played 100 times
  • Skull Skirt: Complete 10 courses in Course World
  • Slobbery Shirt: Play 10 courses in Course World
  • Staredown Shirt: Earn 2,000 Maker Points
  • Stingy Skirt: Complete 100 courses in Endless Challenge on Easy difficulty (high score)
  • Super Mushroom Shirt: Unlocked immediately
  • Superball Mario Hat: Hit a ? Block in Story Mode
  • Superstar Barrette: Set a world-record on 500 Courses
  • Superstar Flares: Clear 5,000 Courses (in Course World)
  • Toad Cap: Clear 1,000 Courses (in Course World)
  • Thwomp Onesie: Play 500 courses in Course World
  • White Tank Top: Clear a course in Course World
  • Windup Shoe: Have one of your Courses reach 5,000 plays online
  • Yamamura Shirt: Finish all of Yamamura’s jobs in Story Mode

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