All Warzone bunker locations: Where they are and what’s inside

With the release of May’s major Call of Duty: Warzone update, players have been able to enter the mysterious bunkers that are scattered throughout Verdansk. These bunkers have been in the game since Warzone released, but players haven’t been able to access them until May’s update. In total, there are 12 of them, and in this guide, we’ll detail how to locate each one and what they contain. If you approach a bunker door, you won’t be able to enter unless you have a Red Access Card, so you’ll need to obtain one first.

In addition to all of that, a new set of bunkers has been added, and they do not require key cards to open. Instead, they can be entered by applying an access code. These codes are fixed, meaning each bunker has its own code that does not change from match to match. We will show you the locations of those new bunkers and their codes, as well. Finally, bunker 11 is different in that it requires a much more elaborate setup, using Russian Morse code and phones across the map.

Currently, the bunkers don’t seem to contain anything too out of the ordinary, but this might change as Infinity Ward continues to update the game. You’ll find a huge stash of loot in each bunker, from Legendary boxes to cash and killstreaks. Bunker 11 contains an SMG blueprint in addition to loot. Once you enter a bunker, you’ll have to go down some steps and through a couple of hallways to find the stash, and the layouts are slightly different depending on the location.

Here’s how to access each of Warzone‘s bunkers, along with the codes for the newly added ones, plus the steps for entering bunker 11.

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The Red Access Card

Before being able to enter a bunker, you need a Red Access Card. You’ll find Red Access Cards randomly in Legendary chests. Keep in mind that it’s somewhat rare to find one of these cards, so keep exploring until you do. You can also pull them off the bodies of your enemies if they were carrying one. After several updates, the Red Access Cards seem to have a much better drop rate than when they were first implemented in May 2020. As of October 2020’s update, they’re still rare (but less so than before), so we recommend keeping your eyes peeled for one instead of actively seeking them out.

You might want to play naturally, and then decide which bunkers to visit based on your location. It’s unclear if there is something else you need to do to trigger the Red Access Card to spawn (or improve its spawn rate). Once you have a card, you can approach the keypad just outside of a bunker door to open it. After you use the card, the doors will open, and you’ll be able to enter to find the goodies inside. Some players reported not being able to get into bunkers, even after finding a Red Access Card. This was a glitch at the time of the update that has since been patched. Note that it is possible for more than one Red Access Card to spawn in a match.

What’s in the bunkers?

Currently, the only thing you get for entering a bunker is a ton of loot. Albeit, it’s usually Rare and Legendary loot, so it might be worth it to pay a visit to the closest bunker if you happen to stumble across a Red Access Card. Though, if your loadout is already in good shape, it’s tough to recommend going out of your way to unlock a bunker since it leaves you open for an attack. The main thing on the minds of those in the Warzone community is the potential for other secrets hidden among the bunkers.

Inside each bunker is a second door with a keypad that requires a specific code to bypass. At the time of writing, it’s unclear  how to obtain that code. It’s possible that the answer has yet to be implemented — or that it may be discovered once Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches in November.

Full map

Here is the full map with the locations of the bunkers that require a Red Access Card. There are two locations that feature a pair of bunkers that are very close together. These can be found in the Junkyard area and just northeast of the Stadium. Note that some bunker doors are found outside, while others are placed in larger structures. We’ll highlight if a bunker is inside or outside with each description.

Bunker 00 — south of Promenade West

Bunker 00 is located in the south section of Promenade West. It’s just below a small cliff that leads to the out-of-bounds area. This bunker is super easy to miss, so just make sure you’re thorough when looking for it, and be careful of going out of bounds or falling off the cliff.

Bunker 01 — Kart Racing Track

Northwest of the previous bunker, you’ll find Bunker 01. It’s located north of the go-kart track after you go down some steps. Look for a smaller structure that contains this bunker, slightly southwest of the Boneyard.

Bunker 02/Bunker 03 — Junkyard

Bunkers 02 and 03 are located right next to one another. You’ll find 02 in another outside structure, much like the last bunker. It’s south of 03 and southwest of Storage Town. As for Bunker 03, it can be found just slightly north of 02, in a large building. Once you enter the building, head to the right and drop down the ladder to find Bunker 03.

Bunker 04 — Gora Dam

You’ll find Bunker 04 southeast of the Dam, near some smaller buildings. Unlike the last few bunkers, this door is right outside, so there’s no need to look for a larger building that contains it. Look for it in the cliffs.

Bunker 05 — Arklov Peak Military Base

The next bunker is located south of the Military Base, near a radio tower. Again, you’ll find it outside, much like Bunker 04, along some cliffs. This bunker is found by a high traffic area. Be cautious if you plan to visit this one.

Bunker 06 — Bloc 18

To locate Bunker 06, head southeast of Quarry. You’ll notice a large train tunnel to its left — make sure you don’t confuse the two. Bunker 06 is just above the train tunnel, to its left. You’ll find it outside.

Bunker 07/Bunker 08 — Karst Bridge

This is the other set of two. You’ll find them northeast of the Stadium, but be careful as this is a high traffic area. This set is similar to the format of Bunkers 02 and 03. Bunker 07 is found in the smaller building, in which you’ll need to go down some steps to locate. Bunker 08 is in the larger structure, where you’ll have to enter and go down a ladder. The bunker doors are right across from one another. It’s best to avoid these two bunkers if possible since they’re found in such a busy area.

Bunker 09 — Zordaya Prison Complex

Just northeast of the prison, you’ll find Bunker 09 on the side of a cliff. This bunker door is outside, to the east of the large bridge that exits the prison.

Bunker 10 — Styor Spomenik

Bunker 10 is located west of the last, near the large spiral staircase that overlooks the park. You’ll find it just off the main road that leads to Downtown. The bunker entrance is part of a larger structure, so enter it and go down some stairs to find the door.

Bunker 11 — Bloc 23

The 11th and final bunker is in the far north section of the map, northwest of the Military Base. You’ll find it outside on the side of a cliff, to the north of the fire station. You cannot enter this bunker using the Red Access Card. Instead, you must go through a series of steps that involve tracking down phones in the correct order using Russian Morse code to get the doors to bunker 11 open. First, you must find the correct phone that gives you the Morse code containing the correct three-digit number that represents the phones you must interact with. Then, interact with those phones in the right order to get the doors to unlock.

Here are the steps to getting the doors of bunker 11 to open, in detail.

Step 1 — Grab a chopper

This will allow you to get around quickly and easily. You’ll likely need to visit a few locations before finding the correct phone that will give you the Morse code.

Step 2 — Search the map at these five locations for the phone that will give you the Morse code

The correct phone is random with each game, but the locations of all five are fixed. If you interact with the wrong phone, it will give you a dial tone. The correct phone will trigger a message in Russian that you’ll need to pay attention to. Above are the locations of the possible five phones.

Step 3 — Listen to the Morse code

Once you’ve found the right one, you’ll need to listen for the Morse code. In the video above, you can get a sense of how it’s supposed to sound. The code you’re listening for will be given between the two chimes at around the 11-second mark. In our run, the code given was “chye-tir-ye,” “a-deen,” and “mol,” which translates to 4-1-0. Listen carefully to be sure you’ve got the right one, as it’ll be different each match. The chart below tells you the number that corresponds to each verbal code (thanks, Twitter user G1ngerJoshua for the breakdown).

Numbers 0-10 in Russian for Easter egg in Cod warzone to open bunker 11 @BattleRoyaleCoD @CallofDuty @MWModernWarfare @codwarzones

— joshua (@G1ngerJoshua) May 21, 2020

Step 4 — Visit the phones in the order that was given to you in the message

Above is a map of the phones that are scattered around the map, along with their corresponding numbers. These numbers are the same each match, so have this handy once you’ve got your code. In referencing the video above, our code was 4-1-0, so we’d need to visit those three phones shown on the map in that order. After interacting with the final phone, the door to bunker 11 will be ready to open.

Step 5 — Fly to bunker 11 and open the door


When you arrive, interact with the keypad on the right and, assuming you hit the three phones in the right order, the doors will open, allowing you to grab the goodies inside, including the MP5 blueprint.

New bunkers and access codes

As mentioned above, Infinity Ward has added six new bunkers in addition to the ones we’ve already covered. These bunkers do not need Red Access Cards to open, but rather use individual codes to get into. These bunkers don’t offer the same amount and quality of goodies you see in the others, but they’re still worth visiting if you’re near. Some of these bunkers offer better items than others, and we’ll highlight them here. You’ll also notice that many of these secret areas aren’t bunkers at all — some of the secret doors are inside regular buildings.

Below are the locations of each new bunker, plus codes and what to expect once you enter.

Farmland — 49285163

This one is probably the worst one to visit since it doesn’t usually have any chests or anything like that inside. You can sometimes find ammo and maybe a plate or two here, but for the most part, we advise against making a trip here. There’s a reason why it’s not as populated as the others. Nonetheless, you can find this first secret door inside the big building in the middle of Farmland.

Prison — 72948531

You’ll find this secret door to the west of the prison, inside a little shed. This one isn’t great, but it will usually contain a Legendary chest for you to open, so if you’re nearby, it’s worth your time to pop inside.

Junkyard (north) — 87624851

There are two bunkers you’ll want to visit while in the Junkyard area. The first one is to the north and is almost always a hot spot, thanks to the quality of loot you can find inside. What you need to do is enter the far right door on the north side, turn right, and head down the ladder, and the bunker door will be at the very end. There are around four to five Legendary chests inside, with powerful weapons, killstreaks, and armor satchels, so do make sure you’ve got the code handy if you’re close.

Junkyard (south) — 97264138

The second one in the Junkyard area is to the south of the previous one. Sometimes, a Buy Station will appear on the roof of this bunker. The quality of items inside is around the same as you’ll find at the previous one. A good rule of thumb is to check to see if one of the bunkers in Junkyard is busy. If so, switch to the other one. A lot of the time, both will be contested, but the northern one is typically busier.

Park — 60274513

The busiest bunker of the six is the one in the Park. You’ll find the bunker protruding from the rocks on the south side of the Park area. In nearly every game we’ve played, a team would make a beeline for this bunker since the quality of loot is very high. Sometimes, a team will spend most of the match trying to get inside, and you’ll often find players duking it out or playing a game of chicken to see who enters/exits first. Inside, you’ll find multiple Legendary chests, killstreaks, cash, weapons, and more.

TV Station — 27495810

The final secret door is to the east of the TV Station. Again, we advise that you skip this one since there’s usually only one Legendary chest inside. If you’re near, have the code handy, and are in need of a weapon or loot, then it might be worth stepping in. Otherwise, don’t waste your time, especially since you’ll be left open for an attack while you’re applying the code.

What other secrets are there?

It’s still unknown what else lies beneath the bunkers and how each location ties to the phones and laptops found around the map. It’s possible they’re all linked together. One player discovered a nuke inside Bunker 11, so it’s possible there’s a larger Easter egg in the works here. The bunkers contain yet another locked door inside them, and fans are speculating this is part of a larger Easter egg, much like those found in the Black Ops series.

Recently, as part of the game’s season 5 update, new access cards were introduced that open doors inside the Stadium, and you can read about how to find them here. Aside from that, a secret door in the Farmland location can now be opened based on a code given on the website Pawn Takes Pawn. Enter the code 49285163 to get inside:

We’ll continue to update this post as more secrets are discovered.

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