AT&T wants to make sure you’re as healthy as possible with ForHealth

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During Mobile World Congress, AT&T officially entered the exploding health-tech market by announcing its ForHealth service.

Accompanied by a mobile app of the same name, ForHealth is the result of AT&T’s partnership with activity-tracker Tictrac. The service functions as an aggregate service: collecting your fitness and health information, analyzing that data, and issuing warnings and recommendations based on the collected data. For example, ForHealth might let you know that you tend to run more on days when you get more than six hours of sleep. As such, you could use that information as advice to hit the hay earlier the night before a planned run.

According to AT&T, its goal with ForHealth is to make checking your health as much a part of your life as checking your email or looking up the weather forecast. While there might be some parallels to Apple’s HealthKit, ForHealth works across all platforms, including most wearables and fitness apps. By contrast, HealthKit works only with iOS devices. In addition, ForHealth can even be used across several of AT&T’s rivals, such as T-Mobile and Sprint.

If this sounds like something that interests you, ForHealth will be available sometime during the second quarter of 2015.

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