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PlayStation Vue has finally come to Android TV devices; PC, Mac are next

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While PlayStation Vue and Sling TV are the two biggest live TV streaming services on the market right now, that won’t be the case for long. DirecTV launches in November and competing services from Hulu and Google are on the way. The big two are aiming to grab as big a portion of the pie as they can, and for Sony, that means offering its service on more hardware — like its own TVs, for a start.

Sony announced Thursday that PlayStation Vue is now available on select Sony Android TVs. Specifically, the service is available on all sizes of its X700D, X750D, X800D, X850D, X930D, X940D, and Z9D Android TV models. Until now, Sony TV owners would have needed either a PlayStation console or streaming box, like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV, to access PlayStation Vue.

“The launch of PlayStation Vue on our premium Sony Android TVs demonstrates our continuing commitment to customer choice. If owners of Sony Android TVs are ready to cut the cord — or just want to give streaming services a try — they can download the PlayStation Vue app from Google Play store today,” Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics president and chief operating officer, said in a statement.

Sony’s TV are not the only devices getting PlayStation Vue. Nvidia announced the PlayStation Vue is also available on its Shield TV devices. The update also brought DTS:X audio support and a handful of new channels to Nvidia’s streamer.

PlayStation Vue offers packages starting at $30 or $40 dollars per month, depending on where you are located. Viewers in major metropolitan areas have local broadcast stations included in their plans, leading to the higher overall price. This starter plan offers more than 50 channels, while plans that cost $50 or $60 a month give viewers access to more than 100 channels. Additional packages offering other channels like HBO and Showtime are also available.

Sony also let an additional bit of information slip about what devices will get PlayStation Vue next. The company mentioned in a blog post that PlayStation Vue will soon be available for both Mac and PC via the web, though no date has been set so far.

Updated on 10-26-2016: Added that PlayStation Vue is also now available for Nvidia’s Shield TV. 

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