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Even Bob Barker wouldn’t have guessed the insane price on Samsung’s 105-inch 4K TV

samsung prices 105 inch curved television 1200000 tv 120000
If you’re going to build a TV so large and wide that you have to hire piano movers to install it, then we suppose you might as well price it like a Steinway Grand Model D piano. Today, Samsung announced its 105-inch curved Ultra HD 4K television is now available — built to order — for the should-I-buy-a-Porsche-and-a-Mercedes-or-this-massive-TV price of $120,000.

In what was clearly a flexing of its tech-engineering muscle, Samsung first unveiled the 21:9 CinemaWide television at CES 2014. At the time, Samsung confirmed with Digital Trends that the TV wasn’t just a concept product, but would actually go into production. The company wouldn’t so much as hint at the price then, but it was expected the number would push the $100K mark. Indeed, it has.

Samsung says the UN105S9W will come with its “Samsung Elite Service,” where affluent customers will be treated to an in-home consultation by specialized “field engineers” who will go through the TV’s features and optimize its picture settings for their viewing environment.

Since the 105-inch monster sports a cinematic aspect ratio, many movies will fill the screen naturally, while standard 16:9 HD television signals will appear with black bars on the left and right. It is possible Samsung may have other ideas for that black space, but the company hasn’t discussed any details on that point just yet.

Samsung does say, however, that this model will sport a “Quad Screen Multilink” feature, which will split the screen up into four segments, allowing broadcast or cable TV to be viewed in one window, while streaming video can play in another and a web browser appears in yet another, etc. If the feature works similar to the company’s dual screen version of the same, users will be able to toggle between the audio feeds coming from any of the four screens.

You can see the prototype of the television, complete with rich wood backing panel, below.

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