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Sight is the enemy in the first trailer for See, Jason Momoa’s Apple TV+ series

SEE – Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Apple has released the first trailer for See, its upcoming Apple TV+ series set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has lost the sense of sight.

The original series stars Jason Momoa, and the Aquaman and Game of Thrones actor features prominently in the first trailer for the show, which introduces a world where nature has reclaimed the environment and the loss of sight has returned humanity to tribal groups that must hunt and forage to survive.

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When Momoa discovers that his children have been born able to see, it sets off an adventure that has him and his allies fighting to keep the children safe from those who consider sight a curse and fear its return to future generations.

The series’ trailer is appropriately epic, teasing a wide-ranging, cinematic journey for Momoa and the supporting cast that — hopefully — also explores how human civilization is able to rebuild (both physically and philosophically) without the sense of sight.

Expected to be among the first shows to debut on Apple TV+, See also stars Luke Cage actress Alfre Woodard, and is based on a script penned by Locke and Eastern Promises screenwriter Steven Knight. The series is directed by I Am Legend and Hunger Games franchise filmmaker Francis Lawrence (who’s no stranger to post-apocalyptic movies), and reportedly has a price tag of nearly $15 million per episode — putting it on par with the production costs of the final season of Game of Thrones.

Apple TV+ has been highly anticipated since its official unveiling at Apple’s Showtime event in MarchSee will be one of the streaming service’s leadoff shows, alongside other star-studded fare like The Morning Show, which goes behind the scenes of a morning talk show and stars A-list actors including Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon.

Perhaps just as big as the first look at See, Apple also revealed the official release date of Apple TV+ — November 1 — as well as a price point of a surprisingly low $5 per month.

This mirrors the price Apple originally wanted to attach to its music-streaming service, Apple Music, but the company was reportedly unable to ink a deal with major music studios for such a low price. With Apple TV+, Apple is making its own content, so the company can set its own pricing.

See and the rest of the projects included in Apple’s launch-day offerings on Apple TV+ are expected to premiere as part of the service’s launch on November 1.

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