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Save $50 on these fantastic Sony noise-canceling true wireless earbuds

While some students are already heading back to class, for many of us, what the school year will look like remains a question mark. But no matter what form school will take this fall, one thing is for certain: Having noise-canceling wireless earbuds will give students an edge and some much-needed solace. Enter the Sony WF-1000XM3 noise-canceling true wireless earbuds, currently on sale at Best Buy for $178, or $52 off the regular piece of $230. This looks, and sounds, like an amazing deal.

Here’s why students need noise-canceling wireless earbuds for the next school year: Whether you’re trying to focus on a lecture you recorded, or a live lecture over Zoom, or you’re riding the bus to campus, or cleaning up as part of your part-time job — they can make any space a private space and give you your own personal, quiet office or library no matter where you are. The Sony WF-1000XM3 are among the best at blocking out the world, and simultaneously delivering precise, amazing sound for your music, calls, or games.

A serious factor when we compare headphones is battery life. What’s the point of wireless headphones if we constantly need to recharge them. We need headphones that will cancel out noise as long as possible between charges, and then re-charge in the least amount of time to maximize efficiency. Here’s the great news, with Sony’s WF-1000XM3 you’ll find USB-C charging, and a portable charging case. So, while you already get 24 hours of battery life at medium volume, there’s now a quick-charge feature that provides 90 minutes of battery life on a 10-minute charge.

So you can wear these all day, but are they comfortable enough to do so? Yes! These are true wireless earbuds, in that not only are there no wires connecting them to a mobile device, there is no headband — nothing to get between you and your sound. There’s also an integrated support for Google Voice and the  Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which transmits sound to both ear simultaneously (older versions relay sound from one ear to the other).  There’s also customizable touch controls which makes adjusting volume, making calls, and other tasks as easy as you choose it to be.

But most importantly, they sound amazing.  These boast the QN1e HD noise-cancelling processor. Once it catches the surrounding sound, the dedicated engine kicks into gear, not only canceling outside interfering noise, but using very little of your precious battery life in the process. There’s also Dual Noise Sensor technology, which employs dual microphones, to catch any ambient nearby sounds, whether it’s conversations, in-flight-noise, or plain old traffic.

A final touch we love: They include an audio cable in case you want to leave nothing to chance and have a wired connection. option for important calls, like job interviews, provides the ultimate peace of mind.

Demands on students have never been higher, and the iffy circumstances of this year’s school year have made a good pair of noise-canceling true wireless earbuds more necessary than ever. In fact, there are back-to-school sales with a multitude of great offers on tech. Perfect for Zoom lectures, listening to music or other entertainment, or just zoning out the world and creating your own sanctuary — for work or play, the WF-1000XM3 noise-canceling true wireless earbud from Sony are an amazing option, especially for $178. That’s $52 off the regular price of $230.

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