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The best smart blinds for Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit

Ask anyone about their smart blinds, and you’ll hear a variety of reasons why they love them. Some rave about the privacy benefits they offer, closing reliably every night. Others boast about the eco-friendly benefits—keeping the sun out means less AC usage and lower electric bills. Still, most people appreciate the ability to keep their blinds closed every night while still waking up to naturally opened blinds in the morning.

But finding the perfect smart blinds isn’t as simple as choosing based on your preferences. While some focus on energy efficiency, most offer a mix of these perks. The real challenge lies in ensuring your blinds fit seamlessly into your home, both physically and digitally. And if you’re after specific styles, quality products can be harder to find.

That’s why in our search for the best smart blinds, we’ve looked at products that will provide hassle-free compatibility with your smart home products while ensuring they cater to your needs, making your life easier and your home smarter.

Serena by Lutron

Best overall smart blinds

A woman meditating in a room with Serena by Lutron smart blinds / smart shades.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Key Specs

Custom Sizing Yes
Color 12 different color options
Material 3% or 5% sheerlite


  • Company provides material samples
  • Free in-home consultations
  • Extremely wide selection of smart ecosystems
  • Intense customization available
  • Very intelligent smart controls


  • Likely won’t save money with these

Why you should buy this: Serena by Lutron’s smart shades are designed to seamlessly integrate with your smart home system and your window’s physical requirements.

Who it’s for: Ideal for people seeking top-tier tech or wanting to fit more obscure smart systems.

Why we chose Serena by Lutron:

For those seeking simplicity and ease with smart blinds for daily usage, Serena by Lutron is your solution. From the get-go, you can request a free in-home consultation and ask for a delivery of fabric samples. Once you order, customization is in your hands, you can choose from over 100 fabric types or color combinations and precise measurements for your window. Then, when the product arrives, you can either DIY the setup or have a professional help you. Serena shades integrate with over a dozen smart technologies, including difficult-to-find compatibilities like Logitech Harmony and the Sonos Home Sound System and four smart thermostat systems. If you have it and want to use it, you likely can with Lutron. Plus, they have their own hub if you’re not already using a third-party one.

Once set up, control of the Serena by Lutron smart blinds system is simultaneously intuitive and multi-factored. Smart voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa can control the blinds at the expense of only a few words. Meanwhile, app control allows you to set up more complex routines. Serena’s Smart Wood Blinds have access to Serena’s Natural Light Optimization feature, which controls blinds based on the position of the sun and time of day, updated on a seasonal basis. Finally, there is a standard remote control so that even guests can easily move your blinds. This safe, cordless remote can also be wall-mounted to act more like a switch for convenience.

While Serena by Lutron smart blinds cater to the diverse needs of nearly every customer, their higher price point might challenge budget-conscious buyers. Yet, their long-term value and exceptional smart features make smart blinds worth it and can even save you money in the long run.

Ultimately, the Lutron Serena Shades excel in their effortless integration with major smart home ecosystems like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, ensuring smooth and convenient control. Whether through voice command, routines, or automation features, these blinds are the best pick for smart shade solutions. Opt for Serena by Lutron blinds for their elegance, advanced technology, and unmatched convenience.

Yoolax Motorized Zebra Blinds

Best for Google Home

A rendering showing Yoolax blinds opening.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Key Specs

Custom Sizing Yes
Color 12 different color options, including color optimization
Material Blackout polyester and sheer fabric


  • Varying levels of shading available
  • Precise custom sizing available
  • One remote controls up to 16 blinds
  • Also works with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit
  • Easy and convenient charging, including solar


  • Requires a Bluetooth Hub for full Google Home experience
  • Add-ons can increase overall cost

Why you should buy this: Perfect solution for homes with numerous windows.

Who it’s for: Great option for individuals seeking effortless control over multiple blinds on a larger scale.

Why we chose the Yoolax Motorized Zebra Blinds:

The Yoolax brand of smart blinds ensures they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. When picking your blinds, there are many styles to choose from, though this kind of zebra blinds stand out for their excellent compatibility with Google Home. Before completing your order, you’ll get to choose a precise size based on the needs of your window. Once installed, more or less like regular blinds, the Yoolax are wirelessly charged, with one charge lasting around four to six months. For added convenience, a solar panel can be integrated for automatic charging.

Control these smart blinds through a remote, app, or voice commands. They allow management of up to 16 blinds simultaneously, depending on your final configuration. The remote provides convenient access to adjust individual blinds or control them collectively. App control provides advanced features, allowing you to have the blinds open or close automatically as you enter and leave the home or do smart things like rise with your local sunrise time. To get off the app and control directly via your Google Home devices, you’ll need an additional Bluetooth Hub, but other than that the setup is rather straightforward.

Crafted with a combination of blackout polyester and sheer fabric, these blinds are designed to offer privacy while allowing natural light into the room, providing up to 90% shading. When closed, these blinds effectively block harmful UV rays, providing a protective barrier. Partially opened, they offer a gentle infusion of indoor light. And fully opened blinds invite radiant indoor sunshine, creating varied ambiance options to suit your preferences.

SmartWings Motorized Roller Shades

Best for Alexa

SmartWings Motorized Roller Shades shown in the up and down positions.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Key Specs

Custom Sizing Yes
Color 3 different color options
Material Blackout polyester and linen


  • Tons of different options available
  • Connects to Alexa via Zigbee
  • Up to 100% blackout blinds available
  • Easy and convenient charging, includes solar
  • Affordable pricing


  • Could have too many options available

Why you should buy this: Has one of the simplest and most efficient Alexa integrations among smart shades.

Who it’s for: Ideal for individuals seeking meticulous control over blind aesthetics and functionalities.

Why we chose the SmartWings Motorized Roller Shades:

The SmartWings system redefines customization with an unparalleled spectrum of options available during the ordering process. The sizes of your blinds are calculated to an eighth of an inch, and everything from the valance (upper part) down to the bottom bar of your blinds can be customized to your heart’s desire. It’s a lot of freedom, and add-ons (such as a solar charger) can also be directly ordered during checkout. This transparency prevents unexpected “bonus” charges after your order has been made. For those who like choice and control, it will be a delight. For others, the burden of choice might definitely take over.

Control over these blinds is effortless through your Alexa-connected device. Note that SmartWings also works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and other brands, but we found it to be best matched with Alexa devices. With Alexa, you can facilitate automatic scheduling for blind rising and closing times and give on-demand commands. There’s also a remote control that can be used to adjust one window’s blinds or manage all blinds at once. Finally, an intuitive app also enables many features and direct control options.

These smart shades also feature an integrated USB-C rechargeable battery, ensuring enhanced safety and versatility. They are well-suited for diverse interior design spaces, such as your living room, bedroom, study room, restaurants, and business areas.

Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds

Best for HomeKit

Upgraded blinds with Eve.
Eve / .

Key Specs

Custom Sizing No
Color 1 standard color
Material Plastic


  • Cost-effective by using existing blinds
  • Gives you extreme choice in which blinds to use
  • Convenient, bridge-free design


  • Not compatible with every blinds model

Why you should buy this: This is the best HomeKit blinds retrofit system.

Who it’s for: Perfect for individuals looking to transform their existing roller blinds into HomeKit-enabled smart blinds.

Why we chose the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit:

For those who already own quality blinds and use Apple HomeKit, the best smart blinds for you are your blinds, made smart. The kit’s motor seamlessly slides into the tube of your existing blind, which will replace the current chain mechanism. Or, if you’re looking to upgrade your blinds, you can do so with even more options by combining standard roller binds with this kit. It’s worth noting, though, that this upgrade kit may not be compatible with all models, as mentioned in our guide to the best HomeKit smart blinds. For instance, due to the diameter of their tubes, IKEA and Hunter Douglas blinds are known to not work with this product. You’ll still have more options, however, as the kit is made to accommodate many roller blind makes.

Once installed, Siri can seamlessly control your blinds. The setup process is user-friendly, offering more benefits while requiring less technical expertise compared to many competitors, as your blinds will automatically join your threads network. Additionally, you can set schedules to automatically open and close your blinds according to your daily routine, operating independently from your iPhone or home network.

Moreover, this kit provides exceptional ease of use and advanced security. One standout feature of Eve is their commitment to privacy: they don’t collect personal data, and there’s no Eve cloud, ensuring your data remains protected. All processing occurs locally, and Eve accessories communicate directly with your iPhone, iPad, or home hub without reliance on the cloud or a bridge.

IKEA Praktlysing Cellular Blind

Best cheap smart blinds

Opening the IKEA Praktlysing smart blinds via phone.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Key Specs

Custom Sizing No, 8 different sizes available
Color 1 standard color
Material Polyester


  • Highly affordable pricing
  • Good remote control
  • Pre-programmed system


  • Stuck with DIRIGERA and IKEA smart apps
  • Low customization options available

Why you should buy this: The IKEA Praktlysing line provides affordable smart blinds to the masses.

Who it’s for: Ideal for individuals seeking cost-effective smart blinds, particularly suitable for practical purposes like aiding the elderly.

Why we chose the IKEA Praktlysing:

Contrary to the perception of smart blinds as a costly upgrade, IKEA’s Praktlysing smart blinds offer a budget-friendly alternative. These cellular blinds boast simplicity and functionality, resembling typical blinds found in many homes or apartments but with added smart features. The system arrives pre-programmed and paired, making it particularly suitable for those valuing practicality in their smart blinds. All IKEA Praktlysing smart blinds are 76.75-inches long and only select widths between 23 and 48 inches are available, but with increased affordability often comes lower customization.

Controlled via a supplied remote, these blinds are straightforward to operate with just a touch of a button. Or, for a better experience, you can also use the IKEA Home app to control them. They cater well to family members like grandpa who can’t get around as well as he used to or anyone with impaired upper-body mobility, thanks to their user-friendly design. The blinds also effectively filter light and reduce reflections on TV and computer screens, enhancing the overall comfort of your space.

The IKEA Praktlysing smart blinds are designed to blend seamlessly into daily life, challenging the notion of smart home devices as expensive investments for your space.

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