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The best storage freezers

Looking to stock up on food but running out of real estate in your fridge? Do you have to limit your freezer aisle shopping because you can’t fit all of those frozen pizzas in your tiny freezer? A standalone freezer may be a good bet for you. Available from nearly all major appliance brands, standalone freezers offer up that extra bit of square footage you’ve been looking for, employing tried-and-true designs and engineering to get the actual freezing done.

Not everyone wants the same freezer, however. There are several variables at play — including style, volume, and price — and we want to help you find the right fit. So, without further ado, scroll down to find our picks for the best storage freezers on the market.

The best overall: Whirlpool SideKicks WSZ57L18DM

This is the one to buy if you have a cool $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket. This bad boy of a freezer has some of the most advanced tech out there and it looks great to boot. Electronic temperature controls? Powerful and energy-efficient LED lighting? Check. Temperature alarm for when the freezer gets too warm? Check. Anti-frost buildup technology? Check. You get the idea. The SideKicks doesn’t mess around with storage, either. With 18 cubic feet of space, your food has plenty of room to live. The Whirlpool SideKicks may be a little on the pricey side, but with higher cost comes plentiful space and unbeatable tech that keep your food at just the right level of chill.

The best value: Hotpoint HCM4SMWW

Not everyone wants to spend $2,000 on a freezer. In fact, most people don’t. With that in mind, consider the Hotpoint HCM4SMWW. The unit might not have the catchiest name, sure, but it features adjustable thermostat control, manual defrost, a removable basket, and an easy-access defrost drain. It functions more akin to an extra-cold mini fridge than a fully-fledged freezer, but it does provide some extra space without a premium price tag.

The most spacious: Frigidaire 24.8 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

With 24.8 cubic feet of space, this Frigidaire freezer is perfect for cryogenically freezing yourself to wake up in the year 3000. OK, we obviously don’t recommend getting in the freezer. This gargantuan chest also features impressive LED lighting and customizable temperature controls, along with a safety lock and optional caster wheels for mobility.

A portable option: Costway Travel Freezer

Maybe you don’t just want more freezer space at home. Maybe you’ve got a cabin, an RV, or a boat. In any case, a portable freezer will keep your food fresher and your drinks colder than one of the best coolers filled with ice. Portable units even allow you to keep game fresh on your way home from a hunt, though few options are large enough for such a task. Thankfully, the Costway Travel Freezer offers 63 quarts of storage for just over $600 and includes a touchscreen LCD that adjusts temperature and compressor. Better yet, the freezer also plugs into both AC and DC outlets, meaning you can run it in your home or from the cigarette lighter in your car.

Energy saver: GE FCM11PHWW

This chest freezer from General Electric is one of the most energy-efficient standalone freezers on the market. It earned a 97 out of 100 in terms of energy usage, with savings projected up to 50 percent of the typical model. The chest also boasts 10.6 cubic feet of space, along with interior lighting, three lift-out baskets, and an external lock to keep your goodies safe. The unit’s tight seal and ultra-quiet operation are just added bonuses, as is the defrost drain located on the front.

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