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The best video doorbells of CES 2021

Knowing who’s at the front door is always a common concern. That’s why video doorbells have proven so valuable, giving homeowners a remote peak at who’s there — while safeguarding packages from porch pirates. What’s really interesting, though, is that the video doorbells announced during CES 2021 have all been adapted for the ongoing pandemic. Here are some of the best video doorbells showcased at the big expo.

Plott Ettie

Plott’s Ettie is the prime example of how companies are adapting to the current safety-conscious social conditions. The most notable thing about it is that it leverages an infrared temperature sensor to measure a visitor’s body temperature, which can be useful to determine whether to let them in or not. While someone can appear to be fine physically, you can’t know for sure by just looking at them — so exercising caution to remain healthy and safe is important to remember.

Even though it pretty much functions just like any other video doorbell on the market, offering users HD video recording with a wide 160-degree field of view and two-way communication, this ability to discern a person’s temperature is something we haven’t seen before, which is exactly why it earns our top pick for the show. Not only is there a practical consumer application here, but also a commercial one for small businesses because it can keep a headcount and makes contact tracing significantly easier to manage.

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is yet another useful smart home gadget that’s perfect for the times.

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Arlo Touchless Video Doorbell

Arlo’s no stranger in the security camera market; its cameras have frequently proven to be some of the best in the business. During CES 2021, the company introduced its Touchless Video Doorbell. While details on its specifications are confirmed, we suspect that it closely will match its existing video doorbell cam — so think HD video capture, night vision, two-way communication, and more!

The difference here is the fact that a person can conveniently ring the doorbell without actually physically pressing or touching it. Instead, it leverages Proximity Sensing Technology to determine a person’s distance from it — thus, ringing the bell without physical interaction. Considering the possibility of germs on surfaces being transmitted to people, it’s designed appropriately for the times. With limited interaction, it’ll help to mitigate the unintentional spread of germs.

It’s worth noting that the above image is of the existing Arlo Video Doorbell and not the touchless one. Arlo will release more details about it, including images, once we near its launch.

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In the same vein as Arlo’s upcoming video doorbell, home security company announced its Touchless Video Doorbell during CES 2021. What says it apart is that visitors will know instantly that it’s a touchless doorbell because it’s explicitly noted on the doorbell itself, so there won’t be any second guesses — whereas with most doorbells, our natural instinct is to press the button.

The Touchless Video Doorbell implements a rapid and accurate person detection feature to discern when someone’s at the door, resulting in the trigger of the chime inside of the home. Everything’s all automatic, so there’s no touching or pressing required by visitors to activate the doorbell. This, of course, helps to reduce physical contact, which goes a long way to reduce the spread of germs.

Beyond this feature, it packs 1080p video capture, wide 150-degree vertical field of view, HDR, and infrared night vision — the hallmark qualities of today’s modern video doorbell.

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