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BodyGuardz launches a suite of innovative smart home security products

BodyGuardz, a company better known for making tough-as-nails smartphone cases than technology-based devices, is branching out into the smart home market with a new line of products designed to enhance security. The idea is to simplify home security for users who aren’t comfortable setting up their smart homes, as well as those who want to integrate the new products into an existing smart home suite.

The BodyGuardz smart home lineup starts with three very basic devices, all of which can work together to enhance a home’s security. These include a portable security camera, a portable over-the-door camera, and a portable emergency unit with multiple functions.

“We have taken an innovative approach to smart home products that provide the same peace of mind offered by existing products in this space with added convenience and portability that consumers today are looking for,” BodyGuardz CEO Kirk Feller said in a release. “Portability and flexibility are top of mind for today’s consumers and we are excited to make this category accessible to a whole new demographic of renters and travelers.”

The first product listed is a portable, 360-degree, compact security camera that is self-contained and can easily be set up anywhere. Theoretically, homeowners could get themselves a couple of units and either mount one on each entrance to the home, or use one while traveling to lend themselves a little peace of mind. It’s self-contained, with an integrated USB charging cord and plug, while also including a long-lasting rechargeable battery for security on the road. No word on the cost of storage yet, but BodyGuardz does say it’s going to offer automatic saving of recordings to the cloud, with options to upgrade to more storage capacity.

For users who need something a little more bold and robust in their home security suite, BodyGuardz has designed and manufactured a dual-camera security device designed to be mounted on or near a door — think something along the lines of a doorbell camera. BodyGuardz has clearly studied the market as well, including one of the most popular features for video doorbells in that the device allows owners to communicate with visitors or family members in real time, both remotely through a smartphone or tablet, or directly through the unit itself.

One of the attractive features of both of these cameras is that they require little installation. There are plenty of expensive smart home security services that are happy to install, program, and monitor more expensive cameras, but BodyGuardz says its cameras are pretty much universal to all doors, provide remote access to video and audio through its app, and provide a level of portability that we don’t always see in every smart home device on the market.

Finally, BodyGuardz also has a nifty new 5-in-1 emergency hub that serves both as an emergency preparedness hub and a weather alert system. It connects remotely to local National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) services and other national weather alert services to keep users posted on potential threats. It charges but maintains a backup battery in case of a power outage. In addition, it can fire off a 90-decibel siren in an emergency situation and the portable device can also function as a flashlight or nightlight.

There’s no word on price just yet. All three smart home products are currently in beta testing, and will officially launch in early January 2020, according to BodyGuardz. We’ll keep you posted.

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