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Eufy vs. Roomba: Which robot vacuum is right for your home?

Eufy has become known for its affordable home technology, while iRobot’s Roomba is now a household name for cleaning robots. If you are looking for a robot vacuum, which option should you pick? Are you more interested in power or useful smart features? Which brand is best for those on a budget? Let’s take a look at the major differences between these brands and what works best for you.

Available models

The iRobot Roomba j7+ on its charging dock and dirt disposal tank.

Visit Eufy’s site, and you’ll find options for X, L, G, and Bounce RoboVac lines, with around 12 models available, plus a couple of discount bundles.

Roomba is a different prospect, because there have been many Roomba models over the years and a variety of bundles to choose from, but models are consistently retired and updated over time. The iRobot store on Amazon has around 15 models currently available. iRobot’s own site is only offering four models right now, plus some bundle options (not counting its separate line of Braava floor mops). Both brands have plenty of variety if you’re willing to look, but Roomba has more options, especially with its Braava line and bundle options.

Winner: Roomba

Design and battery

robovac cleaning carpet.

Eufy’s designs vary a little between its lines, but many include twin-turbine designs for extra cleaning power and side brushes to get into the cracks. Battery life varies a lot, but you’ll get around 90 minutes on its low-power modes and 40 minutes on its high-power modes — although those numbers will drop if the vac is running on carpet the whole time. Eufy also offers hybrid models that can both vacuum and mop in different modes.

Roomba’s design can also differ, but most models stick with a similar rounded design, plus side rubber brushes. Some diverge with a flattened side to better clean in corners. Batteries are rated for up to two hours, significantly better than Eufy’s, but in practice, you’ll probably only get around half of that when cleaning your house — especially if there’s lots of carpet. While iRobot has a separate line of Braava floor mop bots, it stays away from the hybrid models that Eufy provides.

Winner: Roomba

Suction power

Eufy’s latest RoboVac models offer up to 2,500 Pa of suction, but its most popular options like the X8 provide 2,000 Pa. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Eufy uses that twin-turbine design for many of its models, which may affect how suction works in practice.

Roomba’s latest models boast 40x more suction power than its earliest Roombas. Its popular i7 line offers 1,700 Pa of suction, while the most advanced models like the S9+ offer up to 2,500 Pa. While it’s difficult to compare suction since Eufy uses a twin turbine design to enhance its suction results, both have powerful options.

Winner: Tie for pure suction, while Eufy gets the edge with the twin turbine models.

Smart technology and navigation

Smart robot vacuums are all about their features and just how easy they make automated cleaning. Eufy’s app connectivity allows you to do all the important things, including building virtual maps, choosing no-go zones, on-demand cleaning of certain spots, and scheduling future cleaning. Its Laser “SLAM” navigation allows it to avoid obstacles in real time, although we’ve found that doesn’t always work in practice, and the BoostIQ tech can adjust suction power based on the surface. The more advanced bots are smart enough to return to their charging stations for recharging when needed. There’s even Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

But Roomba vacuums take smart technology to another level. iRobot’s smart-mapping technology also allows a Roomba to learn rooms in a house, arrange for spot cleanings, adjust suction, and avoid no-go zones. Like many of Eufy’s models, they can also return to their base for recharging. There’s also Alexa compatibility for voice commands. But iRobot adds several additional smart features to its more advanced models. That includes dirt detection that will use extra cleaning where dirty spots are detected and the ability to automatically empty its bin when recharging. It can even suggest setting changes for things like pet-shedding season. That puts Roomba over the top.

Winner: Roomba

Which is quieter?

Little girl with guitar sleeping on a rug while eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim) Robot Vacuum Cleaner vacuums.

Eufy’s robot vacuums stick to around 55dB in their quietest modes. Tests on Roomba models have shown noise can range from 55dB to 70dB, with the most advanced models generally being noisier as a result of their increased power. As long as you keep Eufy’s models on low settings, they should run quieter.

Winner: Eufy


Eufy has carved a spot in the market for vacs that are at low to midrange prices for robot vacuums, with its most advanced models costing around $500 and budget models for $250 or less. Roomba’s models can reach $1,000 or even more, and while there are budget Roombas like the 694 model at $275, if you want all available features, you’ll have to pay more than you would for Eufy’s.

Winner: Eufy

Conclusion: Which vacuum cleaner robot is the best?

The iRobot Roomba J7 lights the way.

Roomba offers the best all-around combination of cleaning power and the top smart features you can find in today’s robot vacuums … if you’re willing to pay for them. Eufy’s Robovac lines focus more on sheer power for the price, sporting models with dual turbines for extra cleaning and hybrid options for both mopping and vacuuming. But they aren’t as fully automated as Roombas, although you may be able to save some money.

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