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Ezviz Mini Trooper wirelessly watches over your home, up to 9 months on 1 charge

Ezviz, the company behind the very affordable Mini 360 Plus that we rather liked, has announced a new home security camera that continues its trend of providing competitive features at low prices. Called the Mini Trooper, it’s weatherproof and wire-free – designed for use both indoors and out. Its base feature set isn’t terribly different from other similar smart cameras, but it does have several features that make it a bit more unique, starting with a battery that lasts up to nine months, according to the company.

Another distinctive capability of the Ezviz family is that users can easily integrate the Mini Trooper alongside additional Ezviz cameras. The same mobile app can manage multiple cameras from any of the company’s product lines, so if you have a wired camera currently installed in your home, you can add a Mini Trooper with minimal fuss.

Additionally, the Mini Trooper offers a 116-degree wide angle lens, night vision with a 25-foot range, and end-to-end encryption. A future update will enable Amazon Alexa support, allowing users to control the camera via voice commands given through Alexa products, like the Amazon Echo. (Enabling Alexa control will turn off image encryption, the company warned.)

Thanks to its small size and completely wireless design, the Mini Trooper can be placed just about anywhere. With a beetle-shaped base station, users can also set up multiple Mini Trooper cameras around their home to cover multiple doors, windows, rooms, and more. The base station can manage up to six cameras simultaneously, and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or a direct Ethernet connection. It also features a MicroSD card slot that can support memory cards up to 128 gigabytes in size. Users can monitor the live video feed from any of the cameras easily from within the Ezviz app.

The Mini Trooper is available now from Ezviz direct and select retailers, including Amazon. A starter kit that includes one camera, the base station, and an 8GB memory card retails for $150. Additional cameras can be purchased individually at $110, making the Mini Trooper one of the most affordable wire-free smart home cameras by a fair margin.

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