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How much does it cost to install security cameras?

Home security systems can come with several kinds of costs — even for something as simple as a security cam. There’s the initial cost of purchasing the product, i.e. the price tag when you’re putting it in the cart. There is often a subscription that you may or may not need to pay for cloud video storage (or an extra SD card if you are going with local storage). And there’s the potential cost of installation, which can be a separate fee itself.

How much will installation add to your bill?

The Arlo Pro 4 home security camera installed outdoors.

That depends on a few things, like if you’re getting a professional installation or if your security camera is part of a larger system. Let’s look at the different cases and how they’ll hit your wallet.

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Do-it-yourself (DIY) home security cameras

DIY cameras are designed to be installed by homeowners. They come with a basic mount and screws (adhesive tape isn’t powerful enough to install security cameras), so buyers can place them wherever they want.

Generally speaking, if you can climb a ladder and use a screwdriver/drill, you can install DIY cameras yourself. There’s no additional cost, just around 30 minutes of your time. Since DIY cams are typically mailed right to you, you probably won’t even see an installer.

Wireless security camera with professional installation

Security cameras for inside and outside the home.
John Velasco / Digital Trends

Sometimes a professional installation is required when you purchase a camera from certain vendors, or it’s simply easier for homeowners to let a professional handle things. In these cases, brands contract with local installers that will visit your house. Sometimes prices can vary a little based on your location, but typically, a wireless security cam installation will cost $100.

This price can increase with additional work. For example, Ring contracts with OnTech for professional installation, and OnTech charges up to $250 for a single device installation depending on whether it needs additional alarms, accessories, or retrofits. This is rarely a concern for security cams unless you need other work done.

Some brands are less expensive than others. Cove’s installations, for example, start at $80 for a simple device installation. But $100 is the best bet overall and what it costs on average.

Wired security camera with professional installation

What if the security cam is wired? That means installation includes extra electrical work, and if you are installing a security camera in a spot without nearby wiring, that could be a lot of electrical work. Generally, expect to tack on $50 to $100 to the installation costs if the security cam is wired.

Multiple security cameras

Arlo Pro 2 home security camera.

What happens if you add multiple cameras at different points in your home? Installation costs then depend on what approach the vendor takes.

Ring and OnTech, for example, charge $65 to $215 per additional device, so you get a discount but you’ll still have to pay for each cam you install.

Other vendors may charge the same installation fee per camera until a certain number is reached. For example, two cams may cost $200, but if you bundle four cams together and have them all installed at once, it will still cost $200. These types of bundle deals can vary a lot.

Security cameras as part of a home security system

What if you are getting a more complex home security system that includes not only a security camera or video doorbell, but also a security hub and a variety of sensors for doors, windows, entryways, and more?

In these cases, security system vendors typically cap installation fees at a certain amount for the entire system. ADT, for example, charges between $99 and $199 for the entire system, and it doesn’t usually matter how large of a configuration.

Sometimes these vendors also waive or discount installation fees, especially if you buy a certain number of devices or a larger package, although this isn’t common. Look for deals at popular times like holiday weekends.

What about the cost for outdoor versus indoor cameras?

Typically, it would only matter if the outdoor cameras are wired, which often takes extra work. Some installers will automatically charge more for a wired outdoor camera installation than an indoor installation of the same cam.

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