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For $25K, you can have this Indominus rex head replica from ‘Jurassic World’

Your neighbors may adorn their walls with taxidermied deer heads, but you don’t bother with such small prey. To really show off your dominance in the animal kingdom, you do not showcase mammals, but opt for giant, prehistoric reptiles. Even if you’re not a big, big gamer hunter, you can now purchase a giant dinosaur head to mount on your wall. It’ts available through the Prop Shop division of ticketing company Fandango. The Prop Shop comes from the brand’s existing Fanshop store, and it’s already fully-stocked with some … interesting paraphernalia. And perhaps the most eye-catching is the merchandise related to the Jurassic World franchise.

As initially reported by CNET, the range of items would be enough to send even the most devoted of Jurassic fans into a tizzy. There’s the limited-edition Jurassic Park hatched velociraptor egg replica, which will set you back $400, or for the more budget-conscious among us, there’s also a Jurassic Park Theme Park Map Replica that goes for $100.

But if you’re gonna go big (and why wouldn’t you when buying dinosaur paraphernalia), there’s really only one item to consider. It’s called the Jurassic World Indominus Head Mount Prop Replica, and it can be yours for a cool $25,000.

“It was in Jurassic World (2015) that we first saw the Indominus Rex, ‘Fierce or Untamable King,'” the product description reads. “I-Rex is Jurassic World’s first genetically created hybrid dinosaur. A DNA from multiple dinosaurs and modern animals were used to create one of the most fearsome reptiles of all time.”

This prop replica promises to be exacting in its construction, “hand molded and hand-painted by artisans on the Universal Studios back lot, and packed in a custom, collectible crate, also designed by studio crafts-people.”

Best of all, exactly one piece has been created for purchase. So if you become the lucky owner of this Indominus Head Mount, know that you will be the only person in the world with those bragging rights. “Indominus escaped its enclosure once,” the Prop Shop notes, “Don’t let this one-of-a-kind prop replica escape your collection.”

You can pre-order the head now, but delivery isn’t expected until October 2018.

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