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Set and forget the Braava Jet mopping robot for a spotless home

iRobot® Braava jet™ Mopping Robot Overview
If you’re one of those people that thinks the Roomba is a tool for lazy people, you probably won’t be that impressed with the Braava Jet. Built by iRobot, the company behind other autonomous cleaning robots like pool skimmers and gutter cleaners, the Braava Jet is designed to automatically mop hard floors, cleaning up spills and stains and wiping out bacteria as it goes.

While it doesn’t go as far as the floor-scrubbing Scooba robot that iRobot also sells, the Braava Jet does offer regularly cleaned hard floors without you having to move a muscle. Using its own autonomous tracking system, it’s able to navigate around your open spaces, spraying the floor with a water and then mopping over it with either a wet, damp or dry cloth soaked in cleaning solution.

Regardless of which setting you pick though, the end result should be a spotlessly clean floor without you having to lift a finger.

As well as being able to navigate itself around, the Braava Jet also has a number of safety features to prevent it falling down stairs and BetaBoston reports that during a demonstration it was able to navigate around a circular tabletop, cleaning it to a high standard without falling to its doom.

This isn’t the first auto-mopper that iRobot has ever put out. It also has a pricier Braava, which not only costs $100 more, but doesn’t have the spray functionality of the Braava Jet. This version is more cost efficient and better at its job — it’s reportedly been in development for two years, so clearly a lot of R&D has gone into its creation.

The Braava Jet is also smaller, which allows it to get into tighter spaces, which would otherwise require you the owner to actually lift a finger — and what’s the point in buying a robot cleaner if you have to do half the job yourself?

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